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HERE AT THE HOSTS PAKISTAN,  as I trudged pillar to post observing, I found the Students from  *Madrassas*   -robust healthy, fit and playing games.

No ground large or small, around their religious seats, is spared from the Cricketing and Football shouts and howls. 
At all the other Pakistani Institutions, I found them wanting for lack of regular and natural sports activities.

So, ever so often,  it is a  *live wire*  exercise for me to drop by these Madrassas,  and spend time with the students. It is to them and for them,that this research is dedicated.
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PARENTS EVER SO OFTEN worry about whether their children are getting enough sleep, about issues like-

Young children who wake too early and adolescents who resist waking at all.

*But before I proceed any further with Night Owls attributes*  facing some special challenges, let me first conclude what  
*Experts consider fitness a vital indicator of health*.

The resulting scientific statement  ''strongly supports''  the use of cardio-respiratory fitness as a vital sign and an  ''important measure and predicator of health,'' says  Steven Blair, a professor of exercise science and epidemiology at the University of South Carolina and co-chairman of the scientific committee.

The statement, which went through peer review, as well as separate review and endorsement by the standing scientific advisory board for the American Heart Association, is, however, only a recommendation and does not change the current formal heart disease risk calculations.

''It would be an  ''excellent idea''  for everyone to learn his or her current, estimated aerobic fitness level and how it compares to age-matched averages, says Dr. Chip Lavie, a cardiologist and exercise scientist at the Ochsner Heart and Vascular Institute in Louisaina and statement co-author.

He`suggests using an online fitness calculator developed by Dr. Kaminsky and others, based on data from millions of users at:

Taking the resulting estimate of your fitness age to your next medical appointment and discuss it with your physician, Dr. Lavie says.

In the meantime, get up and move. 

Fitness is quiet malleable, the statement co-authors point out. You can find a scientifically designed exercise program to improve cardiorespiratory fitness here, at the website of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

And on the NightOwls, the one I mentioned,  right at the beginning, parents ought to remember that the point of helping your child sleep soundly is to help that child function well when awake, to be in tune with the opportunities and the requirements of the day.

Now a new study underscores just how important being  ''in sync''  can be

It identified two factors that put , teenagers at risk for academic, emotional and behavioral problems, regardless of how many hours of sleep a child was actually getting at night: greater daytime sleepiness, and the tendency to be a  ''night owl''.

Your body runs on a central clock, operating out of your brain, controlling the circadian rhythms, the internal  24-hour cycles of sleeping and waking, eating and activity, and all the rest.

Our clocks are individual and varied, and they change as we grow. Researchers talk about chronotypes, a construct that attempts to describe differences on when we tend to be alert or sleepy, when we prefer to be active, the daily peaks and troughs we all experience.

We know that as a group, we tend toward  ''morningness''  in childhood, age into ''eveningness'', as we go from school age to adolescence, and then back in the other direction toward  ''morningness''  as we move toward older age.

These different chronotypes are partly explained by genetic variations, partly be habit and behavior, and the underlying biology can be traced in the timing of hormonal ebb and flow, particularly the timing of surges in melatonin, the so called sleep hormone.

You can assess your own chronotype without doing blood tests with a morningness-eveningness scale questionnaire, which has also been adapted for adolescents. 

That questionnaire was also used in the new study, published recently in Pediatrics.

The Honour and Serving of the latest  ''Operational Research'' on Life, Health and Living continues. Thank Ya all for reading and sharing forward and hope to see you on the following one.

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Good Night and God Bless

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