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HIS HOLINESS POPE FRANCIS : In his book ; *The Name Of God Is Mercy,* described an episode from his time as a rector in Argentina.

The parish church sometimes helped out a women whose husband had left her, who had turned to prostitution to feed her young children.

''I remember one day  -it was during the Christmas holidays  -she came with her children to the College and asked for me. They called me and I went to greet her.

She had come to thank me. I thought it was for the package of food from Caritas that we had sent to her. 
'Did you receive it?' I asked.

''Yes, yes thank you for that, too. But I came here today to thank you because you never stopped calling me Senora.' ''

I narrate the above, -For Pope Francis  -by the poor, does not mean only those who are struggling financially.
*He means those who have physical and psychological and spiritual problems*.

In other and every word, he means the world at large. He is calling upon the world to be truly  *merciful with one another*; in real and meaningful ways.

Not just being a bit nicer or writing checks for charity; no, he is challenging the world to intimacy with one another and with Almighty God.

So, with that, I turn, to the world of Lundy Khoy in this Merciful Year:  
Lundy Khoy continues her story:
Then, in 2004, I went for what I thought was routine visit to my probation officer, I had even bought along my most recent report card to show the growth I had made.

What I encountered was a  multitude of officers from Immigration and Customs Enforcement,  instructing me to hand over my possessions and stand spread-eagle against the wall.

As my probation officer gave men an apologetic look, they escorted me out of the office, handcuffed me and eventually took me to Hampton Roads Regional Jail, in southern Virginia.  

I WAS DUMBSTRUCK. I had been following all the rules. I could not understand why I was being arrested again.

Immigration officers eventually informed me that my conviction meant I would most likely be deported from the  United States.

For me this was a second punishment for the same very crime, and this one, though never discussed or even mentioned three years earlier when I pleaded guilty, *was worse than the first*.

If I was deported, I would be sent to Cambodia.

But I had never ever been to Cambodia! Our entire family had moved to the United States at this point, we knew no one there. I was terrified.

I was held in a detention center for nearly nine months, before being released under the supervision of the immigration agency.

I returned once again  to college and started working at a university as an enrollment counselor: I married and had a son.

This spring, I received a pardon from the  Governor of  Virginia  that mentioned my  ''commitment''  to good citizenship.'' 

But immigration law is separate from criminal law and my record still exists.

Even though the state has forgiven my crime, the federal government could still decide to deport me. I am not eligible for citizenship.

Yes, I did make a mistake at a very young age. I fully understand that, but I have also embraced the tremendous consequences of that mistake. I served my time in jail without complaint.

The only part of my punishment that I ask for leniency on is my deportation.

Deporting me  may be within the authority of the law, but I implore President Trump and his supporters to look past my mistakes.

Every year I stay here is one more year I grow and acquire skills and knowledge that allow me contribute more to this country.

By giving me the tremendous opportunity to remain here, you would be allowing me to truly live how I've felt I've lived my entire life :
*as an American*

Lundy Khoy is an operations manager at the Southeast Asia Resource Action center.

So, what greater honour then, for the World Students Society,  than to sum up the thinking of Pope Francis, calling for the understanding of mercy at much deeper level:

When he says that  ''life grows by being given away, and it weakens in isolation and comfort'' and goes on to ask the world to  ''leave security on the shore and become excited by the mission of communicating life to others.''

*The Pope is telling the world to get out of the comfort zones and go serve mankind*.  

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