Headline November 21, 2016/ ''' *SILICON VALLEY EMPIRE* '''


*WORLD FAMED TECH ANALYST MARY MEEKER*    ''listed 20 most valuable technology companies in 2015'' .
Here is that Report Card:

.- America 12.
.- China 7
.- Japan 1.
.- Europe 0.
.- India 0.
.- Pakistan ZERO  
.- Australia ZERO.
.- New Zealand ZERO

.- Rest of the World  ZERO * [so far. But if the students get working !WOW!  would  join the world as the greatest company ever built]*

 *SILICON VALLEY IS THE*   new Rome.  As in the time of Caesar, the world is grappling with an  advanced  city-state  dominating much of the planet-

Injecting its  technology and ethos  everywhere it lands and  funneling enormous wealth right back home.

Peter Thiel-tech investor,  avowed monopolist,  proponent of  *skipping college*  -has many of us wringing our hands about  Silicon Valley's swelling wealth and influence.

Thiel spent about  $10 million  to secretly fund an ex-wrestler's law suit against a salacious news-gossip website, allegedly as revenge, and the revelations of that set off panic about the ability of Silicon Valley and its billionaires to impose their will.

Thiel is just one of many stories with a similar theme. Facebook got accused of of muting conservative news on the site, stirring still more worries about media control and censorship.

Meanwhile, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made  Thiel   look like a Cheapskate when he paid $30 million to buy and tear down four homes around his residence, just so nobody will be able to see into his windows.

Look around the U.S. and you find that Salesforce CEO Marc Benoff wielded to reverse an Indiana  Law that might have discriminated against the LGBT community, by threatening to abandon the state.

*The Donald phenomenon has been largely fueled by voters angry that their jobs are getting reamed by technology*.

Similar angst about California's peninsula of  geeks and  Ghirardelli  has resulted in backlash around the globe. The European Commission is freaking about  Google  and  Netflix, China has been pushing back against Apple-

And  India  recently stopped a  Facebook plan to offer  free Internet  because the government felt New Delhi  might lose control over its wireless infrastructures. 
''There are certain rules necessary to operate so India doesn't become a *digital colony*,''  Shard Sharma of Bangalore think tank iSpirit told journalists.

And yet the  Silicon Valley Empire  is just getting started. A new generation of technologies such as  artificial intelligence, 3-D printing and blockchain  -all likely to be developed primarily by Silicon Valley companies-

Are about to cross the chasm from prototype  to  mainstream and challenge everything you know about manufacturing, money, services, national sovereignty and much else in your life.

If you think there's been head-spinning  change since  2007, when smartphones, social networks and cloud computing combined to usher in the  current tech era, the next 10 years could short-circuit your cortex.

Is all this good or bad? The answer is as complex as asking the same question about the Roman Empire two millennia ago. 

Nice for some; really sucks for others. With hope, beneficial to humanity in the long run, but we have to give it a couple of hundred years to really know.

Silicon Valley loves to  ''disrupt''  stuff. Well, now it is disrupting the world. Famed tech analyst  Mary Meeker  this month released her annual data the industry. If you pick it apart, you can clearly see Silicon Valley's ascendancy in the global economy.

The US companies  [12 ]  represented 76% of the total market cap and 87% of the revenue. Of these 12 companies based in the U.S, just one is not in Silicon Value. Priceline, is based in Connecticut.

Here is a different way to see the tilt toward California: The number of Internet users is growing faster in India than anywhere else in the world. Almost all of that growth is from people using mobile phones.

The top three  phone apps  in  INDIA   are owned by Facebook:
.- Facebook.
.- Whatsapp.
.- Facebook Messenger.

So no wonder India was worried about even more encroachment by Facebook.

Also, almost all of India's mobile phones run on either Google's Android or Apple's iOS  operating system. That means a significant proportion of the India's most dynamic industry is sending money to  Silicon Valley.

*That kind of thing is happening in every country except, like, North Korea*

In recent years, the payments going to  Silicon Valley  have been lurching beyond pure technology and int businesses that used to be  non-digital and entirely local. UBER shows how that works:

The company takes a  20%  cut of the fare for every ride. 

In France, say, 100% of money spent on taxis used to stay in France. If Uber wins a significant chunk of  France's  taxi industry, *20% of that money will leave France*. 

Now imagine that happening in *industry after industry, country after country*.

The Honour and Serving of the latest operational research on *Technology and  its Implications continues*.  Thank Ya all for reading and sharing forward, and see you on the following one.

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