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*compromise becomes the first casualty*. This wisdom, from nobody other than Dr. Henry A. Kissinger. 

It is to Dr. Henry A Kissinger,  that this writing  is dedicated.

I write about....'Truth and Truths',  because Pakistan, the honored  *First Conceptual Host* of the World Students Society,  goes all  *Tense & Taut*: with  ''Political Battle lines''  drawn. I cover the nook, corners and crannies by foot. 

*Panama Leaks- Panama Papers*   has brought everything in this very proud country, to its head. Everything begins a simmer. 

IN APRIL OF THIS YEAR,  the  International Consortium of Investigative journalists unleashed a torrent of articles that reverberated around the world.

Based on  11.5 million leaked documents from a Panamanian law firm that specialized in creating secretive offshore companies, the "'Panama Papers'' offered a look inside a shadowy world- 

In which banks, law firms and asset management companies help the world's rich and powerful hide wealth and avoid taxes 

It was the largest archive of leaked documents that journalists had ever handled, and so it was no surprise that WikiLeaks initially linked to the consortium's work on Twitter. But what shocked some of the journalists was what  WikiLeaks  did next........??

And to that I return towards the end of the post. In the meanwhile........
AMERICAN NEGOTIATORS assumed that the leaks had come from a party  at the table seeking leverage. Then in July 2015, on the day-

American and Japanese negotiators were working out the final details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, came what WikiLeaks dubbed as ''Target Tokyo'' release.

Relying on top-secret N.S.A. documents, the release highlighted 35 American espionage targets in Japan, including cabinet members and trade negotiators, as well as companies like Mitsubishi. 
The trade accord was finally agreed on  -though it has not been ratified by the United States Senate -but the document release threw  wrench into the talks.

''The lesson for Japan is this: Do not expect a global surveillance superpower to act with honor or respect,'' Mr. Assange said in a new release at the time. ''There is only one rule: There are no rules.''

Because of the files' provenance, United States intelligence officials assumed that Mr. Assange had gotten his hands on some of the N.S.A documents copied by Mr. Snowden.

*But in an interview, Glenn Greenwald, one of the two journalists entrusted with the full Snowden archive, said that Mr. Snowden had not given his documents to WikiLeaks and that the  ''Target Tokyo''  documents, were not even among those Mr. Snowden had taken*.

The same is true, Mr. Greenwald  said, of another set of N.S,A, intercepts released by WikiLeaks that showed that the United States bugged conversations of United Nations officials and European allies, including private climate control talks between Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki moon.

On Wednesday, Mr. Assange said he had his own private sources for N.S.A. material.

That raises the question of whether another, still-secret, N.S.A whistle blower is leaking documents to WikiLeaks,or whether the files were obtained from a sophisticated cyberespionage operation, possible sponsored by a state actor.

Among the biggest stories was one showing how billions of dollars had wound up in shell companies controlled by one of Mr. Putin's closest friends, a cellist named Sergei P. Roldugin.

Nearly a dozen news organizations, including two of Russia's last independent newspaper, Vedomosti and Novaya Gazeta, has collaborated in tracing the money 

But WikiLeaks seized on the contribution of just one; the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project.

In a series of Twitter posts after the revelation about about Mr. Roldugin, WikiLeaks questioned the integrity of the reporting, noting that the project had received grants from the Soros Foundation and the united States Agency for International Development.

Mr. Assange in an interview with Al-Jazeera, reiterated the suggestion that the consortium, with a pro-Western agenda, had cherry-picked the documents it chose to release.

''There was clearly a conscious effort to go with the Putin bashing, North Korea's bashing, sanctions bashing, etc,'' he said.

In fact, the consortium's opening salvo featured many hard-hitting articles with Western targets, including one on the use of offshore companies in tax heavens by the father of David Cameron, then the prime minister of Britain.

Gerard Ryle, the consortium's director, chalked Mr. Assange's actions up to professional jealousy.

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