Headline October 22, 2016/ ''' ! *DEAR SYRIAN GIRL* ? '''

''' ! *DEAR SYRIAN GIRL* ? '''

DEMOCRACY FORUM : In Amsterdam,  -on April 30, 1941, a Jewish man here in Amsterdam wrote a desperate letter to an American friend:

Pleading for  help emigrating to the United States.

''U.S.A. is the only country we could go to,'' he wrote, ''It is for the sake of children mainly.

A volunteer found that  plea for help  in 2005, when she was sorting out old World War II refugee files in New York City. It looked countless other files until she saw the children's names.

''Oh my God,'' she said , ''that is the Anne frank file.'' 

Along with the letter were many others by Otto Frank, frantically seeking help to flee Nazi persecution and obtain a visa to America, Britain or Cuba -but getting nowhere because of  global  indifference   to  Jewish refugees.

''We`all know that the  Frank children  were murdered by the Nazis, but what is less known is the way  Anne's fate was sealed  by  callous fear of refugees, among the world most desperate people.

Sound familiar?

President Obama around this August, vowed to admit  10,000 Syrian refugees   -a tiny number just  1-fifth  of  1 percent of the total and Hillary Clinton suggested taking more. 

*Donald Trump has repeatedly  excoriated them for  a willingness to welcome Syrians and has called for barring Muslims*.

*Fears of  terrorism  have left Muslim refugees toxic in the west, and almost no one wants them any more than anyone wanted a   *German Dutch teenager*   named Anne*.

''No one takes their family into hiding in the heart of an occupied city unless they are out of options,'' notes Mattie J. Bekink, a consultant at the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. 

''No one takes their child on a flimsy boat to cross the Mediterranean unless they are desperate.'' 

The son of a  World War II refugee myself, -writes master researcher and writer, Nicholas Kristof-  I've been researching the anti-refugee hysteria by the 1930s and  '40s. 
As Bekink  suggests, the parallels today are striking.

As for the  Frank family,  a new life in America seemed feasible.  Anne had studied  English shorthand,  and her father spoke English,  had lived on West 71st  Street in Manhattan,  and had been a longtime friend of Nathan Strauss Jr., an official in the  Franklin Roosevelt administration.

The prime obstacle was an American wariness towards`refugees that outweighed sympathy.

After the 1938   Kristallnacht program  against Jews, a poll found that 94 percent of American disapproved of Nazi treatment of Jews-

But 72 percent still objected to admitting large number of Jews.

The reasons for the opposition then were the same as they are for rejecting Syrians  or  Hondurans it.

''We can't afford it,   -we should look after Americans first, we can't accept everybody,  they'll take the  American jobs,  they're dangerous and different.  

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