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IT IS NOT WITHOUT PROFOUND and growing  sadness, terrible sorrow and  *utter shame*,  that I go about sourcing and researching, and fact-checking, this operational research for the subject Headline.

The World Students Society, thanks most humbly, the great journalists, ever so determined to bring forth these suicides to surface,  -all these lives cut short, all torn to shreds, to what I hope and pray would  begin  an enlightened public discourse. 

ACCORDING TO THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF PSYCHIATRISTS, around 29 percent of youth displayed clinical levels of psychological distress- 
And this is attributed to many, many *socio-economic reasons* 

YOUTH SUICIDE  has been emerging as a threatening issue in recent years and all, and right, across,  the world.

A 2014 WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION [WHO]  report estimated , ''around 2 million teenagers commit suicide worldwide while  four million adolescent attempt it.''

South Asia is considered the world's suicidal focal point.  IN INDIA, according to a 2012  National Crime Bureau Report,  *around 20 students kill themselves everyday due to stress related to exams and competition for admission to reputable educational institutions.''

While suicide has increased by  170 percent  globally in the last two decades up to 2015. Strictly in the locally, Pakistani context, according to one master researcher.

34% of Pakistani population suffers from  mental disorders and depressions is implicated in more than  90 percent  of suicide cases. In absence of any authentic official national data on suicide, researchers agreed-

That one has to rely on the accumulating anecdotal evidence that suicide rates have increased in Pakistan over the last few years.

In April 2016,  Waseemullah, a second year student at the  Aga Khan School of  Nursing  hanged himself from the ceiling fan of his room. 

According to his friends, he was a lively boy who had come all  the way from Gilgit to pursue his studies on a full-time scholarship. Friends say he had a promising career to look forward to.

Strangely, Wasimullah isn't the only suicide victim in this dorm   -some news report claim that around  five students  have taken their lives in the same dormitory in the last few years.     
In fact, a 21 year old medical student from Chitral  committed suicide in the same very room as  Waseemullah's in  April 2010.

Waseemullah's case and those of his peers are indications of an unaddressed and seemingly increasing problem among Pakistani youth. The Karachi based   Madadgar police helpline national database  shows that in the first six months of 2015-

Around  1,061  suicide attempts were reported, which are speculated to be almost double  this year. National media reports and anecdotal evidence also indicates a rise in suicide rates in the  14 to 30-year-old age group.

According to a 2012  World Health Organization  [WHO]  report. ''There are around  15,000  suicides committed in Pakistan annually. 

Dr. Murad Khan,  chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at  Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi,  earlier estimated that there are  *5,000  to 7,000 suicides yearly. Of these approximately  25 percent of the cases would be students/teens  and over  50 percent occur  in youth under the age of 30 years.*

While high suicide rate among Pakistani youth remain a concern for the public and authorities alike, the exact extent of the problem is very hard to determine.

The deep social stigma attached to suicide means a large number of such cases are swept under the carpet.

In addition to  suicide  being  prohibited in Islam  * just as it is in other religions*  -it is considered a criminal offense punishable with imprisonment and financial penalty in Pakistan.

This means that most suicide survivors and families  are reluctant to discuss this topic openly and in public, or to admit to it on record which makes it difficult for researchers and authorities to ascertain the exact number of suicides and attempted suicides in this country.

So, in absence of any authentic official national data on suicides, researchers like Dr. Khan agreed that one has to rely on the accumulating anecdotal evidence-

That suicides have increased in Pakistan over the last many years.

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