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''' COMPUTERS -Students- 


*TO ME A COMPUTER IS THE most remarkable tool that we have ever come up with .  It's the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds,*  said Steve Jobs.

Remarkably True! And to truly understand the above observation, all one has to do is to experience a show of  ''Emotional Motion Technology'' - a tool that converts-

2D image into 3D Look image without coding or other complicated procedures. M2 Co. Ltd, a Japanese company, recently demonstrated this equipment at  Tokyo Game Show 2016, in Chiba, east of Japan.

But on the *Qualities of Successful IT Support Technicians*  -the following is what will get you considered for an IT opening and a career job :  .  

The Ability To Learn From Experience And From Informal/Formal Instruction:
After years of school and technical training, it's all to easy for techs to relax their drive to learn, assuming  that now that they're employed in their chosen profession-

They have all the knowledge needed to perform the job function. This may be true in certain environments, but if the tech ever wants to change positions and/or companies-

He or she will soon find that the knowledge is  out-dated  and of limited use. Rapid change is an inherent characteristic of  Information Technology, and those who want to remain productive within the industry-

Must actively seek out every opportunity to further their knowledge- whether through formal training by attending classes or simply by reading, participating  in forums, and asking questions of co-workers

The Ability To Think Logically And Creatively:
Techs should be able to apply a consistent, logical methodology to the resolution of computer problems. This means that even when confronted with new situation-

The tech will stand a good chance of being able to resolve the problem, or at least isolate the problem area.

To back up their logical thinking, techs also must be able to make creative leaps in reasoning when the application of logic fails to produce a satisfactory resolution.

The Ability To Apply Knowledge To New Situations:
This ability goes along with the being a logical, creative thinker to form the essential nature of an outstanding troubleshooter.

Some techs I've worked with are excellent at following prescribed procedure in familiar situations but are completely stymied when confronted with an alien situation.

Being able to adapt  specific knowledge to new situations is extremely important, in most environments it would be impossible to train the techs in every possible scenario.

The very nature of troubleshooting shooting requires the ability to transfer knowledge.

A Demonstrated Independent Interest In Technology:
I'm almost hesitant, states the author, to include this as an essential attribute of a support tech, as I once walked out of a job interview when I was told they were seeking a candidate-

Who ''lived, breathed, slept, walked and talked technology.'' 

In my opinion and experience, this type of person often makes a lousy support tech, due to a lack of interpersonal skills.

Having said this, I still maintain that if the tech has no independent interest in technology and just regards it as a job, it will be an ongoing battle to keep tech up to date with the latest developments or to elicit any form of enthusiasm or excitement for the work.

Having a tech who is engaged and excited about new technology becomes particularly important during a rollout, where the tech is uniquely positioned to influence  users attitudes towards the changes in their environment.

Rollouts can cause considerable stress to users who are now required to learn a new product to perform their job function.

Having a tech support professional who is excited and engaged with the new product will encourage and reassure the users.

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