Headline September 27, 2016/ ''' EXPLORER SARAH MARQUIS : *20,000 MILES BY FOOT* '''


*20,000 MILES BY FOOT* '''

*WILD BY NATURE* : From Siberia to Australia. Three Years Alone in the Wilderness on Foot.

*The author had to hide in  underground sewage pipes in the Mongolian desert for her safety. These drainpipes proved to be a real luxury for the weary traveller*.. 

SARAH MARQUIS IS ONE VERY fascinating figure, a woman who had walked  20,000  kilometres  solo from Siberia to Laos, Thailand. Then-

Then having taken a boat to Australia,  she walked across the country. My interest in this extreme walkers views arose because of an observation she shared with an interviewer.

She said  *it took usually six months for the noise of language to stop and then she became one with nature. *Then she said she thought of herself as a bridge between human beings and nature*

Therefore, when her book came out, the world and I felt compelled to read it. And so should you all.

Human language and nature were supposed to be her concerns and a woman walking solo for  20,000 kilometres   were bound to be an amazing read. But the book was not what I had expected, writes the reviewer.

*Then I realised that expecting a wilderness walker talk about her connection with nature which is supposed to be beyond human language is an unrealistic demand. And that was some realization,  to really enjoy the book. 
The travels begin from Mongolia, even though the media interviews make you expect that the book and the walk would begin from Siberia.

*Mongolia is portrayed not as a country but as a natural habitat in which human beings also live*. Most of them are  nomads and Mongolian men, which, for the author, are  uncouth except for some regal horse riders.

There is an incident which could have been in a movie. Marquis, the explorer has been surrounded by angry dogs and is expecting to become a ''hamburger meat,'' when, out of nowhere-

*Comes a galloping horseman trailed by a cloud of dust. The horse is black, with a magnificent shiny coat, and the man is garbed in traditional attire. He holds himself erect, and there's something very noble about him.''

This mythical rescuer is also Mongolian but somehow he is not typical pestering Mongolian the explorer has met in other parts of her journey.

This part of the book makes the reader wonder why anyone would want to travel if the desire is to meet well-behaved people everywhere. 

Of course, the purpose of all journeys must to be to seek the unfamiliar.

But this thought is curbed when we learn about the  Mongolian horse riders who are bothering her. She has to hide in underground sewage pipes in the desert for her safety.

These drainpipes prove to be a real luxury for the weary traveller. : 

''I realize that these concrete drainpipes might offer a real longterm solution for my safety. I decide that instead of heading due south, I'm going to follow this path, even if it goes a little too far west for my taste.   

I'm hoping that this way I'll be able to sleep without being disturbed. For a certain period, nights are a joy; I'm finally able to rest and sleep deep. These cold, windy culverts are palaces for me.

From this point on, my days of walking  no longer end in terror.....Often, I am forced to share space with the   decomposing bodies of animals.''

These are small misadventures when compared with the mishap in Laos
where the explorer makes the mistake of camping on a well-trodden path in the woods.

As it turns out her tent, was in the way of some really angry  *drug traffickers*. They fire some rounds in the air and make her leave with them. 

For hours, they made her walk with them while she constantly repeated:
''I am a tourist, I am from Switzerland, do you understand me?''

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