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'' I LOVE HIM. HE'S THINKING FORWARD,  always forward,'' said Annette Morgan,  a member of Toronto local of Unifor.''

''And he's supportive of labor; he's willing to talk to us,'' her friend Nicole Beard added.

The crowd was enthusiastic, and Justin Trudeau was working it. He seemed to leave no hand unshaken in the crush of the conventional hall as light perspiration gathered on his forehead.

*Even on what could have been hostile turf, the ebullience was palpable*.

That's how it goes when you are a prime minister-slash-social media star on a political honeymoon   -one that, far from waning has actually seemed to intensify since Mr. Trudeau's and his Liberal Party swept to power in Canada's general election last fall.

With his first anniversary in office approaching, Mr. Trudeau has been subtly trying to recast both himself and his party. Analysts say that in the next few months, he will have to demonstrate-

That he is not just the latest  YouTube sensation, but also the head of a government that will deliver on a long often ambitious list of election promises.

His emphasis on consulting the public, before making major decisions  -in stark contrast to the Conservatives,  he unseated   -has bought Mr.Trudeau time on some potentially thorny issues. So have the disarray and the leadership void of both main opposition parties. But that will not last forever.

''He really is the one carrying everything right now,'' said Alex Marland, an associate professor of political science at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

''My sense is that he is trying to move away from being known as the selfie  prime minister,'' Professor Marland said.

''The risk is that you become seen as nothing more than a celebrity. If people are to think of him as someone who is intelligent and thoughtful, he's going to have to keep coming up with new things.''

After just 10 months in office, though, Mr. Trudeau is signalling shift in focus toward grasping the nettles of power as well as laurels.

Opinion polls have shown his support continuing to rise, even among people who usually back Canada's two other major parties.

In the most recent Nanos Research poll-

72 percent of respondents agreed that Mr. Trudeau had the qualities of a good political leader.

Delegates in the conventional hall seemed to think so, too, even though they belonged to Unifor, the country's largest trade union, its predecessors union helped to found the New Democratic Party the Liberals' main rivals is the Conservatives.

Mr. Trudeau held retreats for his cabinet and his parliamentary caucus in late summer with that pivot in mind.

After the cabinet retreat, where his ministers bunked down  in somewhat *spartan college dorms*  rather than a luxury resort, Mr. Trudeau's public remarks were tinged with caution.

''There are going to be difficult discussions and challenges ahead of us on everything from natural resources to investments to trade deals,'' he said at a news conference in Sudbury, Ontario,

At the cabinet gathering, Mr. Trudeau's ministers heard from Michael Barber,  who was the chief adviser of Tony Blair's Delivery Unit when Mr. Blair was the prime minister of Britain.

The message Mr. Barber told reporters afterward, was that there could soon be an end to what Mr. Trudeau famously called  the Liberals ''sunny ways.''

''In Year Two,  we really need  a focus on relentless implementation, on taking some difficult decisions where you can't please all of the people all the time,'' Mr. Barber said.

Mr Trudeau did move swiftly on some of his promises after taking office, including taking in  25,000  Syrian refugees.

But so far, ''it would be fair to say that the biggest change has been in tone and style of leadership''  rather than policy, said  Nike Nanos.the chairman of Nanos Research.

Mr. Trudeau's approach to government has been secretive, less centralized and, in Mr. Nanos's view, more in line with long-held Canadian values than the approach of Stephen Harper, his Conservative predecessor.

''The charm offensive continues,'' Mr. Nanos said.

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