Headline September 09, 2016/ ''' SINGAPORE : *THE-IDEAL* '''


*NuTONOMY*,  a  50-person company with offices in Massachusetts and Singapore was formed in 2013 by-

Mr. Iagnemma and  Emilio Frazzoli, .....  Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers who were studying  Robotics   and  developing autonomous vehicles for the United States Defense Department.........

Doug Parker,  nuTonomy's  chief operating officer,  said autonomous taxis could ultimately reduce the number of cars on Singapore's roads to 300,000...... from  900,000.

''When you are able to take that many cars off the road, it creates a lot of possibilities,''  he said. 
''You can create smaller roads, you can create much smaller car parks. I think it will change how people interact with the city, going forward.''

This year, the company won approval from the Singapore government to test self-driving cars in One-North. 

This month, nuTonomy announced a research partnership with the Land Authority of Singapore.

*Singapore is ideal because it has good weather,  great infrastructure and drivers who tend to obey traffic rules,  Mr Ingnemma said.

Also, as an  island-city-state,  Singapore has been looking for nontraditional ways to expand its economy, as it has supported autonomous-vehicle research.

The American auto supplier  Delphi Automotive  which is also working on autonomous vehicle software, was recently selected to test autonomous vehicles on the island and plans to start next year.

''We face constraints in land and  manpower,''  said Pang Kin Keong, Singapore's permanent secretary for transport and the chairman if its committee on autonomous driving.

''We want to take advantage of self-driving technology to overcome such constraints and in particular to introduce new mobility concepts which could bring about transformational improvements in public transport in Singapore.

Olivia Snow, 25, who works in One-North, took a test ride of nearly a mile this recent Monday.

The car recognized small obstacles like birds and motorcycles parked in the distance.

''I couldn't see them with human eye, but the car could, so I knew I could trust the car,'' she said.

One great and outstanding achievement that is for sure,....... but so far nuTonomy has made no reference to the  *digital security*  of these driverless cars.

*Hacking could most easily send the whole exercise into a tail-spin* , and if that were to happen, that could set the industry back by many decades. Customers/public  confidence would not get easily restored. 

Just recently, detailed plans for  stealth submarines built by a French military manufacturer for the  Indian Navy  were hacked and leaked, raising concern about the company's digital security just months after it signed a multibillion-dollar deal to build submarines for Australia.

Officials in  France and  India are scrambling all around to assess the damage from this hacking, with both countries opening investigations.

It appears to be the latest example in which a company's  *critical internal information*  falls into the wrong hands.

In all,  22, 400  pages detailing   ''the entire secret combat capability''  of six  Scorpene-class  diesel electric submarine that are being built for the Indian Navy were leaked to The  Australian, the newspaper reported on last Wednesday, without identifying its source.  

To sum, The World Students Society wishes nuTonomy every success, as its first self-driving taxis introduced on city-streets in small test,  just go whirring around to a deafening applause.

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