Headline August 26, 2016/ ''' JOBS? -and- *JABS!* '''

''' JOBS? -and- *JABS!* '''

ON MAY 7,  -JOSHUA BROWN, a  40 year old technology enthusiast, pressed a button on his  Tesla Model S and activated  ''Autopilot'' mode.

A convert to the  self-driving  technology,  he had posted dozens by dozens of online videos of the fantastic system in action.

But as his saloon glided along the Florida highway, staying in its lane at the speed limit, a lorry cut across the path. Preliminary reports indicate its the white gleam of the trailer and the bright sunlight meant-

Tesla's  computer vision technology  did not react in time and the electric car's automatic braking function was too late to avoid a crash.

Mr. Brown became the first person known to be killed at the wheel of a self-driving car.   

JOINING THE WORKFORCE in the age of pizza-delivering drones and self-driving cars is far, far easier said than done, especially for millennials.

Available jobs are increasingly going to equally qualified applicants, the types that were once just a thing of  Hollywood movies  -robots.

Consider the irony : Millennials  are coming of a age in a world where the one thing they understand better than any other generation    -*technology  -may well be the thing that hurts them the most of all*.

It's all part of what leading tech gurus  say is an urgent need for society to transform the way it views jobs.

Google co-founder Larry Page, for example, said one antidote for high unemployment is to view employment differently; if people prefer not to work 24/7,  ''just reduce work time.''  but don't consider part time a negative.

The  Google  CEO    *workless, do-better*   mentality was laid out in a recent interview with fellow Google pioneer Sergey Brin conducted by billionaire venture capitalist Vinod Khosla. 

*His take may seem counterintuitive, especially at a time when young people are still struggling to find work in the wake of the recession*.

A recent jobs report, boasting an  unemployment rate of  6.1%, shows positive signs of economic growth. But the snapshot is not as sunny for young adults.

Those between the ages of  18 and 34 have an unemployment rate of 9% [higher if you count those who have given up looking]  -which leaves many sitting around twiddling their thumbs.

Larry Page acknowledged that people aren't happy of they have too much idle time, saying that most want to, ''feel like they are needed'' and  ''have something productive to do.''

But he doesn't believe the answer to that need is necessarily a job.   At least not a full time one. Recalling a recent discussion with  Richard Branson,  Larry Page discussed the  English business magnate's solution to companies unwillingness to bring on new employees. 

*Hire two part-time workers instead of one full time worker. Recognizing that it would come at slightly higher costs  to employers, Page argued that it would beneficial for younger people just starting their careers*.

''At least the young people can have a  half-time job rather than No job,'' Page said. As he sees it,  ''it's what people want     -a healthy work life balance''.

''Most people like working,'' Page said, ''but they would also like to have more time with their family or time to pursue their own interests.''

No surprise: Most people would like an extra week of vacation. ''100% of people, ''   Larry Page said.

He challenges the idea that people need to work as much as they do, calling it a  *social problem,* and one that many don't recognize as a problem.

If you think making such a strong argument that part time work could be equal to full time is out-of-the-box  thinking, think again.

*Or think about the coming robot revolution*.

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