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THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS : In the entire  Developing World, the misery of day to day living is the currency of narcissistic sensation on daily basis.

Forgive me, but I have discovered that there is a symbiotic relationship between cyber world and  the stark survival and predatory needs of human existence. Student M.Y. Khan   -from Karachi narrates a very interesting dilemma. 

A Western tourist has once said : he;d traveled to most countries of the world but never found people  as critical of their country as Pakistanis.

WITH DUE RESPECT : IN THE SOCIAL PROGRESS INDEX : Pakistan standing is  113th,  India 98th,  Bangladesh 101st.   I could go on. But I stop.

Several years ago, a study by the British Medical Journal has put the number of Pakistanis with psychological problems higher than any other South Asian Nations. The cause was the much greater stress levels beyond control faced for ever so long.

Peter Preston had written in the  Guardian  that :

1.- If it hadn't been for Bush's  9/11 folly, Pakistan could have joined India and China today at world economic forums and......

2.- For three decades of Afghan tumult, Pakistan has been blown hither and yon by outside imbecilities    -and is the heaviest casualty of them all.

Several very credible Pakistani psychologists have for long put the number of depressed Pakistanis at between  50 and 70 per cent. Aaron Beck, the father of Cognitive Psychology, showed that  80 per cent of depressed patients have a poor self-image.

This sadly, and tragically, is the inventor and mother of all fraudulent and criminal behaviour.  

So, just about Murdered by the non-performing economies, and slowing down of global growth,  that generates only unemployment, suffering, pain and angst,  the entire developing world is primed for an elevating and turbo-growing cybercrime.

According to the Global Fraud Index, online fraud attacks have increased by 12 per cent in the US. Credit card fraud has been a massive problem in the US with retailers losing  $32 billion in the crime.

*Two months ago, the E-thugs and criminals took out $13 million from 1,500 ATMs in less than 3 hours from all over Japan by getting hold of credit and debit card data and making counterfeit copies of banking cards.

State Bank of Pakistan  [SBP]   issued recommendations to curtail  e-transaction frauds especially  ATM skimming suggests to always inspect the ATM or card reader at any retail outlet before using them.

If you find anything to be suspicious and tampered with, loose, or damaged, you are advised to bring it to the notice of the concerned bank without any loss of time.

Better to use  ATMs  installed in Banks. Always insert the pin code secretly. Have your card in sight whenever it is being used for payment anywhere as it takes only a few seconds to steal the data by skimming machines.

Software Engineer, Rehan Jehanzaib shares a few tips to deal with the problem. He says that whenever engaged in Internet banking for online transaction   -whether through mobile or laptop  -the best approach is to keep changing passwords and setting more complex ones.

He also encourages users to avoid using public Internet to do financial transactions.

Dr, Usman Anwar, Director Federal Investigation Agency, is optimistic about his organization's work to eradicate the menace of online frauds:

'' National Response Center for  Cyber Crime  [NR3C] , a high tech crime fighting unit working since 2007, identifies and curbs the phenomenon of technological abuse.

It has expertise in digital forensics, technical investigation, information system security audits, penetration testing and training,'' he discloses.

One more specialist from the Federal Investigation Agency of Cyber Crime Circle -Punjab, highlights that in the wake of gradual increase in digital crimes, the government enacted  *prevention of electronic crime  2007, that-

Lapsed in 2010,  the  *Electronic Transaction Ordinance -2002, promulgated in past regimes is in practice to combat cybercrime. . 
However, he endorses the  cybercrime bill 2016 an underscores the need for its immediate enforcement.

He thinks public awareness campaigns must be initiated to increase understanding of secure digital transactions. 

He also proposes that all existing loopholes used by criminals to bring in skimming devices and other gadgets into Pakistan via sea, air and land routes must be tackled. 

Without capacity building of the relevant organizations and availability of required resources it will be tough to deal with the curse of  *cybercrime*, he adds and sighs.

To sum, for the future, the only true option available to  Crime investigation Agencies the world over, is true professionalism with preemption leading the charge.

The World Students Society, will do everything in its power to keep cybercrime awareness and prevention  growing even by leaps and bounds. When it can. 

With respectful dedication to all the Banks of the World. 

And with special dedication to the  Standard Chartered Bank, Rawalpindi Pakistan,  and its ever vigilant, hardworking and professional employees : Nida Shamraiz, Solomon Barket, Mohammed Ali Ahmed:

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