Climate Change To Have Devastating Effect On New Generations

A study warns that climate change will cost college graduated american millennials a staggering $187,000 in their life time - more than student debt ($113,000) or the Great Recession ($112,000).

Environmental organisation NextGen Climate measured the impact of global warming on american economy and estimated that the inaction on climate change and global warming will cost the college educated people out of 75 million millennials nearly $8.8 trillion in their wealth.

For a child born last year who goes on to earn a college degree, will lose $467,000 in lifetime income, and $764,000 in wealth.

The report says: “Politicians have made a series of policy choices that are leaving the millennial generation in bad shape … . Unless our elected leaders take aggressive and immediate action, the millennial generation will have to live with the devastating economic, health, and environmental impacts of climate change.”

The report called the inaction on climate change a “massive betrayal of young people by our political leaders.”


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