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*STUDENT SALAR KHAN YUSUFZAI/ US*,  -should you all manage to catch a glimpse of him or his photo, as I just did, has zoomed into a-

Tall 6ft .4 inches oak, a full mane of jet black flowing hair, and a smart fist of long beard. Now, consider all that, in context of his growing passion for astrophysics.

And you can spot a budding scientist, Karl Sagan and all.

*Happy Birthday* to him,and  a thunder clap for his scholarship, and best wishes from the World Students Society with a hope that he will step up and work many times harder to help understand and also help  build the Students Universe

THE ULTIMATE SUCCESS AND MASTERY  -of the World Students Society,  most awesomely called, !WOW! would be : To swivel its  Electronic Nose and smell a rat, and then for very sure look for every where, or find the smell of a  very Dead Rat. 

As simple and as pure as that. Now are we clear on that : O'Great Students of the World? 

Bilal Malik/US. Jordan/US,  Jamila/Germany, Eman/LUMS? Aqsa? Nahid/KPK, Sanyia/ & Sherbano and Nina, Tooba/ Sindh? Fahad Khan Tarakai/ Bahria/KPK, Haider/Fast, 

Reza/Canada, Vishnu/India? Zhou/Toby, China? Nauman Khalid/ Pakistan, Ghazi Haider Naqvi/ Pakistan, Hanyia/Ireland? Noel/Palestine? Sumaiya Akhter/Bangladesh? Danyial Rahym/UK? Dantinee/ Malayisia, Zaeem/Saudi Arabia, Umer/Majeed, Malaysia.

''SMELL IS ONE OF THE SENSES  of humans and animals, and there have been many efforts to build an Electronic Nose,''  said Dr. Navneet Sharma-

The lead author of the paper, who recently defended his  Doctoral Thesis at UT Dallas: ''We have demonstrated that you can build an affordable Electronic Nose that can sense many different kind of smells. When you're smelling something , you are detecting chemical molecules in the air.

Similarly an Electronic Nose detects chemical compounds using rotational spectroscopy.''   

While devices that can conduct breath analysis using compound semi-conductors exist, they are bulky and too costly for commercial use, said Dr. Kenneth O, one of the principal investigators`of the effort and director of TxACE.

BUT before I proceed further, allow me to round up on the *Illusions Memory Upgrades: It is quiet possible that the age-toggling and caricature enhancements could be used to improve the success rate of traditional non-evolutionary composite systems, such as the-

PRO-fit systems used by the police forces in Britain, and the FACES and Identi-Kit 2000 systems used in America, says Dr. Frowd. 
''But the real problem is that about 70% of the witnesses have such a poor recall of the offender's face-

That a traditional composite cannot be constructed in the first place,'' he says. So you need a system like EVOFIT that doesn't need a good recall to produce an image.''

There are now 11 police forces using EVOFIT in Britain, and 1 in Romania. In America, Dr. Frowd is working with the police in Boston to improve the-

Software's ability to deal with Hispanic faces. One of the British forces, the Derbyshire Constabulary, has now started using EVOFIT exclusively. 

''It's doubled our workload,'' says Beverly Hunt, the force's facial identification officer, because it is now possible to produce a useful image even what a witness has only a vague memory of a suspect's face  

So, for a Long Electronic Nose, the researchers determined that using CMOS integrated circuits technology will make the  Electronic Nose  more affordable.

The new research was present just few weeks ago in a paper titled ''200-280 Ghz CMOS Transmitter for  Rotational Spectroscopy and Breath Analysis'' at the  2016  IEEEE Symposia  on VLSI Technology and Circuits in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

The rotational spectrometer generates and transmits electromagnetic waves over a wide range of frequencies, and analyzes how the waves are attenuated to determine what chemicals are present   as well as their concentrations  in a sample.

The system can detect from a levels of chemicals present in human breath.

Breath contains gases from the stomach and that come out of blood when it comes into contact with air in the lungs.The breath test is a blood test without taking blood samples.

Breath contains information about practically every part of human body.

''If you think about the industry around sensors that emulate our senses, it's huge.'' said Dr. O, also a professor at  Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science and holder of the-

Texas Instruments Distinguished University Chair.

''Imaging applications, hearing devices, touch sensors,   -what we are talking about here is developing a device that imitates another one of our sensing modalities and making it affordable and widely available.

The possible use of the  Electronic Nose is almost limitless. Think about how we use smell in our daily lives.

The researchers envision the  CMOS based device will first be used in industrial settings and then in doctors offices and hospitals. As the technology matures, they could become household devices.

Dr. O said the need for blood work and gastrointestinal tests could be reduced, and diseases could be detected earlier, lowering the costs of health care.

The researchers are working towards construction of a  prototype programmable  Electronic Nose that can be made available for beta testing sometime in early 2018.

It is a significant milestone but there is still much more research needed for this to reach its potential.

With respectful dedication to the University of Texas at Dallas, Scientists. Students, Professors, Teachers of the world. See Ya all on !WOW! -the World Students Society and !E-WOW!  -the Ecosystem 2011:

''' Here For Good '''

Good Night and God Bless

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