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IN PAKISTAN  - *the first conceptual historic and fleeting host and trustee of the World Students Society*  and !E-WOW! -the Ecosystem-

There is a growing awareness on : The Ways Of The Warmer World. But how Pakistan ultimately fares against this reckoning, will depend on how the students of Pakistan take the cause up.

And if the Students of Pakistan fail, to muster and move, on War Footing against dementia, than be assured that the society is in for a some  *fast track testing*.

Students Sanyia Rumi, Sherbano Haider Naqvi, Tooba Nusrat Hussain, should consider organising, sustaining, and developing the plan and effort on the Climate Change Curse.

When ready, let me know, and the World Students Society will have a word with Asifa Zardai Bhutto to nurture it and oversee it. Clear?    

MR. PAUL POLMAN  -THE UNILEVER CEO   -only some days ago, disclosed the following inference and  master observation, on  *Climate Change*.

'LEFT UNCHECKED - CLIMATE CHANGE  -COULD upend Human Civilization,  within the next century.

Swallowing coastal cities, as sea levels surge, displacing millions of people and unleashing destructive storms as weather becomes more extreme and less predictable.

THAT poses risk to virtually every business. Meanwhile efforts by law makers to combat climate change pose yet another risk to companies, like Oil firms, that make money from products that pollute the environment.

*CLIMATOPLIS*  : HOW CITIES WILL THRIVE in the hotter future.

CLIMATE CHANGE CURSE  is a pretty scary topic, and those who write about, for the most part, have been happy to play up the scariness.

This may be due to noble motives on base ones. Many will have chosen to write about climate change because they think something should be done about it and that if their readers are likely to be seeking stuff-

That confirms how right they were to have perceived the dreadfulness of the world in ways lesser people have not. This is the road to  ''climate porn'', which revels in exaggerated disaster.

It is refreshing then, to read books which look at the warning to come not as a frightful warning, not as a fait accompli, but as something to which, at some levels of change, people will enjoy to adapt  -and which in some settings that may adapt to rather well.

The setting Matthew Kahn is interested in is the city, one of his preoccupations as an economist, Marek Kohn's is the  British Isles.

Mr Kahn suggests that  city-dwellers  have various advantages in preparing for the change to come. They live in surroundings which,  historically, have favored innovation, have proved resilient in the face of shocks and between which it is comparatively simple to move when things get too bad.

Migration from city to city is easier, when it comes to finding a niche to fill at the far end of the journey than from country to town.

The author has a good eye for the conflicts that can complicate his picture of rationale people responding to risk.

National and city governments have an interest in making their cities seem safe which pulls against the interest that city dwellers have in gauging the risks and acting accordingly.

Los Angeles send perverse signals about water use that will come back to haunt it; Manhattan [like Venice] has an interest in downplaying the risk of truly catastrophic floods.

In Manhattan the issue is further complicated because the people whose taxes might pay for flood protection  -mostly in rented accommodation   -are not the owners of the property that will increase in value if floods are taken seriously.

The book tries to cover a lot of ground, but it remains a  {as climate-resilient cities will need to be }  a bit pedestrian. it is over-larded with references to unhelpful popular culture and its take on some climate issues, as opposed to their economic consequences, it is a tad superficial.

Mr Kahn's belief that  ''Moscow is unlikely to suffer from extreme heatwaves''  does not engender much trust in his lists of cities that are climate proof or climate vulnerable.

To say that such a belief was pair enough at the time the book was written is to face the fact that the climate is rather more complex and uncertain thing than even, upheat tenor of the book encourages readers to think.

The Honour and Serving of latest ''Operational Research'' on Climate Change continues. Thank Ya all for reading and sharing forward.

Student Merium. Rabo, Eman Basit/LUMS, Hussain, Ghazi,  to ensure that Mr. Paul Polman, the CEO of Unilever, and Unilever Karachi, Pakistan,  are informed and linked with this Headline.

I plan to get in touch with him on behalf of the World Students Society, for understanding and support.

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society and !E-WOW!  -the Ecosystem 2011:

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Good Night and God Bless

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