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STORES BURN MEALS THAT could feed homeless: Retailers in UK alone are wasting 110,000 tonnes of food each year and food manufacturers another  113,000  tonnes, according to to the first detailed assessment of food waste in the grocery industry.

The equivalent of  270 million meals   -four meals for every person in the country    -could be provided if the industry worked harder at donating its surplus, the study by WRAP, the waste watch dog, found.

Most retailers have signed the  Courtauld Commitment 2025  to cut food waste by a fifth by 2025. It does not increase a target for increasing the proportion of surplus food donated to charity.

WRAP said that a target could create ''a perverse incentive for increasing the redistribution when the waste should have been prevented in the first place.''  

And now to the !E-WOW! shockwave:

The garden itself uses only paint, stone and other materials from sources that guarantee they have not used slave labour.

From this has arisen a campaign in which people are being urged to photograph a product,  identify the company that made it and post this on the social media, asking whether the company can guarantee that their goods and services have not been produced using slave labour anywhere.

An anti-slavery prize will be awarded to the company that does most to reduce slavery in its supply chains.

The Law imposes no penalties, so everything hinges on public pressure. All it needs is for a few companies to provide that guarantee and then pressure may grow on others to follow suit.

As Frank Field,  the anti-slavery campaigner and Labour MP, said at the campaign's recent launch, an  anti-slavery kitemark in a nation of shoppers will cause difficulties for companies selling products without it.

Harnessing public disgust and opportunity is the key to driving out slavery from the supply chains.

There is another striking feature about this initiative.  The Modern Slavery Act is the direct heir to the  19th-century legislation in which Britain led the world in the struggle to end the practice.

The fight was spearheaded by  William Wilberforce, a Christian evangelical. The  Modern Slavery Garden's oak tree  commemorates the one under which Wilberforce dedicated his life to abolition.

Many of the great  19-century reform campaigns, such as votes for women, ending child prostitution, and anti-vivisection, all shared the same general aim of ending enslavement. Those reforms all tended to be evangelicals.

Today's anti-slavery campaigners are dominated by evangelicals too. As Mr. Field observed, Wilberforce took 30 years to get the abolition of slavery through; the new act took his evangelical successors : 30 months.

The campaigns launch was held at the exquisite  Chelsea Physic Gardens, which was founded in 1673 with the purpose of training apothecaries apprentices in identifying plants.  It is a precious corner of England's history.

Slavery abolition, gardens, evangelicals, social reform and Christian conscience : the Modern Slavery Garden leads you straight back to an England-

That might be thought to exist no more but, most wonderfully, still does. Why, of course, Melanie Phillips.

But then writer Richard Murphy has me squirm in delight : *Google executives were once told by a Labour MP investigating its tax affairs : You are a company that says you  ' do no evil'. And I think that you do evil.''

The revelation that the Church of England holds a significant stake in Alphabet,  Google's parent company, suggests, at the very least, that there is more than one way to interpret evil, at least when- It comes to Portfolio Management. 

What should the church commissioners do who are responsible for its Pound 7 billion  investment portfolio? 

Well, if you ask me, then see you on !WOW!  -the World Students Society. After all, Professor Richard Murphy teaches Practice of International Political Economy at City University, London  

With respectful dedication to the Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society and  !E-WOW! the Ecosystem 2011:

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