Headline May 28, 2016/ ''' !OK -GOOGLE : -EJECT THIS DARNED WORLD! '''

''' !OK -GOOGLE : 


IN AN ONSTAGE DEMONSTRATION, a Google engineer attached a camera to a phone and then took a photo of the audience.

THE EVENT'S BIGGEST -biggest applause just thundered in the conference hall,  when a stylish Google engineer said:
''OK, Google, eject the camera and this *nonsensical world* [my addition],'' and the module just painlessly and smoothly popped out.

Alphabet Inc.'s Google said it plans to start selling phones with modular, replaceable parts next year, two years later than initially planned.

The project dubbed  Ara, is an aggressive effort by Google to upend the mobile industry by making smartphones hardware almost as customizable as their apps. The company three Fridays ago, showed how different parts could be snapped onto the back of a phone, including high-powered camera lenses, speakers, a glucometer for diabetic patients or a holder for breath mints.

Ara has had a rocky history. The project began in 2013 under phone maker Motorola, then owned by Google. It later move into Google's Advanced Technology and Projects group, a lab that aims to bring futuristic technologies to market in two years.

In January 2015, the advanced technology group said it would launch the modular phone in Puerto Rico later that year. 

Seven months later, the team scrapped those plans and extended the project's two year timeline. People familiar with the project said that the  Ara  team struggling to get the phone from a prototype to largescale production.

A Google spokeswoman said Friday that after listening to developers and consumers, the Ara team made changes to the phone, including installing more technology in the device's base to clear room for more modules.

At Google's annual programmers' conference, Google executives said that they had moved  Ara  into its own business unit and plan to release the modular phones to developers later this year, with a consumer launch in 2017.

''Ara is our vision for the future of phones,'' said Dan Kaufman, who took over the advanced-technology group last month after former Pentagon research chief Regina Dugan left for Facebook Inc.

The  Ara  device will run on Google's Android mobile-operating system. Google could make the base phone itself or work with a hardware partner, as it does with its Nexus smartphones, Googles Hardware chief Rick Osterloh said in an interview.

The Google  spokeswoman said that it was too early to estimate a price for the phone. Google said last year that the phone base would cost $50 at the outset.

Google will likely make some phone modules, Mr. Osterloh said, but wants outsiders to develop new components. Google disclosed that it was working with several companies on modules, including electronics makers Samsung electronics Co., Sony Corp, and Panasonic Corp.

Sony said its  Sony Pictures Home Entertainment unit would license content for the phone, not develop hardware. 

Google also gave updates on two other advanced-technology-group projects: sensor embedded clothing and a tiny radar sensor that enables users to control devices via gestures.

Google and  Levi Strauss & Co. unveiled a denim jacket with touch sensors in its sleeve, set to be released next year. The companies said the jacket is designed for bicyclists to control a smartphone while riding.

A Levi executive changed a song with swipe on his cuff, but the functions appeared limited.

Google has showed off a concept  LG  Electronics Inc, watch with a radar sensor inside, enabling an engineer on stage to scroll through options on the watch with a twist of his fingers a few inches from the device.

The advantage of the gesture control over using the watch 's dial was unclear.

But what is very clear is that !WOW! must debate and consider working with Google  -of course, we will be invited-  to move  to the cloud and clouds  for an    !E-WOW!.

With respectful dedication to Master Google, Students, Professors and Teachers of the World. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society and the !E-WOW!  the Ecosystem 2011:

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