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I, JUST SO DEEPLY AND GRATEFULLY THANK  -all the distinguished, and enlightened  Professors and Teachers and the great Students of U.A.E-

Who took precious time off, from their work and life, to honour me and to pay such profuse respects. I am so deeply humbled, and  can only pray for their inspirations and just as well for their aspirations.

It was not without a  heavy heart, that I bid farewell to them. Braved and walked  the burning heat; and with a wheeled new suitcase, slogged up to the Metro station, to pick up my tail, on my way to the Dubai International Airport.

Emirate airline, was once again, at its best. The flight without a shudder, despite the cloud built up, and the landing this time, A+ with  the throttles at idle. Very impressive!.

NOWADAYS  -*NO COUNTRY CAN EVOLVE*  without developing effective and credible institutions, establishing-

A meaningful system of political checks and balances, and diffusing control over decision making. These elements are vital to enable countries to offer their citizens an adequate quality of life. 

IN TIME, The Arab World  Will  Have Them.

A recent survey of  100 Arab thought leaders conducted by Carnegie Endowment for the International Peace revealed a sweeping consensus about what underlies many of the region's problems: a lack of good governance.

Indeed, those polled emphasised domestic problems resulting from that failure   -authoritarianism, corruption, outdated educational systems, and unemployment   -over regional concerns, including the threat of Daesh-

[The self proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant] or interference by regional heavy weights or outside powers.

THIS IS NOT NEW INFORMATION. The  Arab Spring uprisings brought to the fore the inadequacy of the region's outdated social contracts in the face of current political and economic challenges, writes Marwin Muasher. Yet Arab governments still appear not to have gotten the message.

FIVE YEARS, after the uprisings erupted, Arab Citizens have little   in some cases even less   -voice in running their countries' affairs. Moreover, they depend on rentier economies that are unable to create enough jobs for their young, educated populations. 

*And they face an alarming absence of the rule of law, leaving them with no  assurances, that they will be treated equally, regardless of gender, ethnic, origin, or religion.

Butt poor governance does not mean that the Arab World is doomed to failure. Tunisia serves as a beacon of hope.

After the 2011 revolution, it pursued a consensual inclusive process to develop a new social contract that upholds all of its people's collective and and individual rights.

While Tunisia still faces serious economic and security problems, the national dialogue that the country has undertaken is the crucial first step toward resolving them.

Other Arab societies must now undertake similar dialogues, with the ultimate goal of creating economies and institutions that meet their people's needs.

I repeat, that History has taught us that such transformational processes take time. The long-suppressed ideas and energies unleashed by events like the Arab Spring must mature before having their full effect on society.         
Consider the uprisings in Europe in 1848, in which citizens protested against the authoritarian, feudal systems and the lack of economic opportunity.
By the end of that year, status quo forces then managed to retake the reins of power, and the uprisings appeared to have been all but crushed.

But something had changed. Taboos had been broken, and during the subsequent decades, technological advances enabled the spread of new ideas. It was not long before feudalism began to dissolve-

Liberal and democratic values gained traction; women secured greater rights; and economic systems emerged that could boost productivity, achieve high growth rates, and improve living standards. 

The honour and serving of Operational Research on Governance continues. Thank Ya for reading and sharing forward.

With respectful dedication to the Students, Professors and Teachers of the World. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society and the Ecosystem 2011:

''' Live Debates '''

Good Night and God Bless

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