Headline May 01, 2016/ ''' * SAMFIES *..... WITH..... SCIENCE '''

''' * SAMFIES *..... WITH..... SCIENCE '''

PAKISTAN  -the honoured, first conceptual trustee and host of the World Students Society,  -in the recent years, never fails-

To carom a message, on  *Taxes & Recoveries*  to me. Obviously seeking an understanding and some very serious assistance to promote  *paying taxes'. 

Digressive, this should never seem. The World Students Society must always honour such requests, -requests that will help build a better world.

So, the World Students Society requests not only the people of Pakistan, but the people of the entire developing world, even the world at large, to not only pay their taxes, but to give back as much and even more.

*No better way to harmonize the future of every respective country*

To get any closer  than that, I'll find myself in the band. To the research writing then.............. . 

To make sure his volunteers were telling the truth, Dr Ehrsson surprised them after two minutes of tapping by swinging a hammer towards the camera.

While he did this, his apparatus measured the level of sweat on the volunteer's skin.

Since people sweat in response to a threat, that level is a good indication of what someone is really feeling. The sweat levels confirmed that volunteers really did feel threatened when the place they perceived themselves to be  -the site of the camera  -was attacked.  

Dr Blanke also asked his volunteers to wear  virtual reality goggles. But in his case the volunteer was standing and what he saw was one of the three things:

.- The first was a three-dimensional  ''avatar''  of his own body  -viewed from behind, as with Dr Ehrsson's experiment.

.- The second was avatar of a humanlike dummy, again viewed from behind.

.- The third was human-sized cuboid.

Instead of tapping his volunteers, Dr Blanke stroked them with a paintbrush while, at the same time, the computer  ''stroked''  the avatar with a virtual brush. Sometimes the strokes were in synchronicity, sometimes they weren't.

After each viewing the goggles went dark, so that the volunteer could see nothing at all. He was then pulled a backwards a few steps and asked to return to his original position.

If the avatar he had been watching was a cuboid, that was easy. It was also easy if the  avatar  had been humanlike   (whether representing   the volunteer or not)  and the stroking had been asynchronous.

But if the  avatar he had been human like and the stroking synchronous, then the volunteers walked to the place where the  avatar would  have been standing had it been real.

The volunteer, in other words, identified the avatar's former location as having been his own.

Astral projection this is not. But it is a demonstration that one aspect of consciousness can be modified in a reproducible way. And that may be the key that unlocks the vault.

For, if the methods  Dr Ehrsson and Dr Blanke have come up with can be reproduced on volunteers inside a  brain[scanner, then it might be possible to study the neurological network involved.

Presumably they will include the  right angular gyrus. But other components, as yet unknown, must surely be involved.

That will help to bring the study of consciousness into a mainstream in which the  non-tenured can study it without receiving funny looks from their colleagues.

And, who knows, it may one day lead  Dr Ehrsson, Dr Blanke, or someone else whom they have inspired, to having one of those Nobel medals hung around his own neck.

With respectful dedication to Science and Technology and all those learning, researching and practicing it. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society and the Ecosystem 2011:

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