Headline April 24, 2016/ ''' TUTTI DIGITAL FRUTTI '''


THE STARK REALITY    -AND UTTER TRUTH IS  that even as the present trustees and hosts of the the World Students Society-

The hard working students of Pakistan, have barely begun scratching the surface of Sam Daily Times : 'The Voice of the Voiceless'. 

*But here, have some  *ice cream* and cool off,  and then consider, getting back to some real work* because-

'ONLY the robot will never have the ability to believe in something. So perhaps we will have at the end of this revolution a basis for a new human renaissance.' 

PROFESSOR KLAUS SCHWAB  - The founder of the World Economic Forum in Davos says- The digital revolution demands a different,  and more human, kind of leadership:

*We are at the tipping point of a whole variety of interconnected technological breakthroughs: robots, drones, intelligent cities, artificial intelligence, brain research.

What differentiates the fourth industrial revolution  is that it's not a product revolution. 

It's a system revolution. What we want to do in Davos is provide an overview of the implication of this revolution on governments, business and individuals.

No one is thinking about long-term consequences.


If we do not want to be dominated by technology, we have to become a more human society.

What leadership style, what capabilities, do we need to to master all these technologies? I believe we need to emphasize the more human aspect in leadership as a counterweight to all of these technological advances.

If you think about what a human being is-
We exist because of brains, soul, heart. *What we can replicate in a robot is the brain. But you will never replicate the heart, which is passion, compassion.* And the soul, which enables us to believe. 

The robot will never have the ability to believe in something. So perhaps we will have at the end of this revolution     -possibly,  possibly, a basis for a new human renaissance.

So, in that context the  abnormal  has become normal for a really troubled global economy. Meanwhile,  there's also  ''hysteresis''  and technological innovations haven't translated yet into higher productivity growth.

Even  Bitcoin  has been the worst performing currency in 2014 - 15, if one could even call it a currency.     

STEVE JOBS is just one example of the  startup mythology that surrounds Silicon Valley-

We credit the private sector for the innovation and growth in the U.S. economy. But  University of Sussex economist Mariana Mazzucato's book: 

The Entrepreneurial State : Debunking Public Private Sector Myths argues-

That it is the government,  not venture capitalists and tech visionaries, that is the hero.

''Every major technological change in recent years traces most of its funding back to the state,'' says Mazzucato. Even early stage private-sector VCs come in after the big breakthroughs have been made.

The book recounts how the art of the parts of the smartphone that make it smart  -GPS, touchscreens, the Internet were advanced by the Defence Department.

Tesla batteries came out of U.S, Department of Energy grant. Google's search algorithm was boosted by a National Science Foundation Innovation. Many new drugs have come out of NIH research.

How much the private-sector owes to government will be a hot-button issue in 2016. But Mazazucato says there's a better model-

Israel and Finland retain equity firms that come out of the basic government research.

And the U.S. government in the past has dictated that companies reinvest money in Main Street rather than give it to Wall Street. That's how Bell Labs was born, after the federal government pressured AT&T to reinvest profits in innovation.

We got the  C++  programming language and  cell-phone  calling technology, among other advances, out of that. Not a bad precedent.

But in China, new rules forbid foreign companies from publishing ''informational or thoughtful''  online content within China unless preapproved by the government.

U.S. giants from Dow Jones to Apple all get affected.

But all in all, what is happening at  !WOW!  -the World Students Society and the Ecosystem 2011, is very, very positive.

We all are coming together, to work together. When the Ecosystem 2011 and  !WOW! began,..... since that time,  we have been trying to get all the stakeholders to the table to work on problems.

Time has somewhat vindicated the concept,  -and we have come this far. The World Students Society  now has  to move from validation to implementation.

And so I state and argue, and reason,  that time enough, for me,  -to go and get some real Tutti Frutti for a change.

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!   -the World Students Society and the Ecosystem 2011:

'''Students Renaissance'''

Good Night and God Bless

SAM Daily Times - the Voice of the Voiceless


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