Headline April 19, 2016/ ''' DEPRESSED *or just* DEFIANT.. *

''' DEPRESSED *or just* DEFIANT.. *

HIGHLY INTELLIGENT, KIND AND GRACIOUS,  -way beyond words, and a master support and believer in the World Students Society-

Mr.Sultan Abbasi, and his equally great and saintly wife, Sajida Sultan Abbasi, and their very unique, beautiful and gifted children, Merium, Rabo, Haider, and Aqsa-...

Accompanied, I found myself on an emotional trapeze staring into the lifeless, and fear filled eyes of a  young girl,a genius student once, in the throes of an unending  *pitch black depression*.

''In childhood,'' confided Mr Sultan, ''she was brighter than all my children. Creative and methodical beyond. Her tragedy and illness has turned the family upside down.''

For the very moment, I wondered. ''Where was the Master of the Fate?'' which my revered teacher, *Super House Master*,  Malik Haq Nawaz, University of London-  

And my *out of this world friend*, Mohammed Azim Khan, a first rate police officer, civil servant,  mentor, philosopher, and guide, just kept drilling into me. 

And now, -this invincible friend, formerly of  *Pakistan's Institute of Medical Sciences'*   author, mentor, guide and a 'laughing partner',  Dr. Iftikhar A Khan, heads and manages a growing center....   

EXPERTS CONCEDE  that it can be difficult to tell the difference between a normally rebellious teenager and one who's genuinely depressed.

But here's a guide that can help:

More than two weeks of a persistent depressed, apathetic or irritable mood, plus four of the following symptoms, could indicate true depression.

.- Fatigue loss of energy.
.- Sleep problems.
.- Change in weight or appetite.
.- Poor concentration and difficulty making decisions.
.- Feeling worthless or guilty.
.- Restlessness or lethargy.
.- Thoughts of death and dying.

The key to treatment is identifying the warning signs of depression. ''Sometimes parents and teachers dismiss moodiness and irrational behaviour-

As part of a teenager growing up as they do not know what to look out for,'' notes Cheong Sau Kuan.

Student Sonpob Chareonkul of Thailand had been suffering deep depression for two years. 

He stopped going to classes and had thoughts of suicide. Finally, when Sonpob was 17, his doctors realised what was happening and sent him to psychiatrist. 

''His parents knew about teenage drug and alcohol abuse but were not able to detect the signs of depression.,'' says Dr Silapakit.

''They were relieved when they found out what the real problem was.'' After being treated with antidepressants and therapy, Sonpob, now 22, has gained some control over his life.

If you suspect your child is depressed, finding the right help may not be easy. Most Asian countries do not have enough child and adolescent psychiatrists to tackle the problem.

Thailand and the Philippines, for instance, have fewer than 40, Singapore has 15, and Malaysia currently has only four. What's more, most of them practise only in the bigger cities. 

Kids in smaller towns and villages often go undiagnosed and untreated. 

Take the case of Student Tang Shiao Yen of Singapore. During the teenage years she suffered depressions so severe that she would cut her wrists several times a week.

Her parents and her teenagers failed to recognise her condition. ''They thought that she was seeking attention,'' says Dr Woo. It wasn't until she was 16 that she saw the psychiatrist who diagnosed her illness.

Often there's no obvious cause for a teenager's blues. However, American researcher Dr Harold Koplewicz, author of  *More Than Moody : Recognizing and Treating Adolescent Depression-*

Has a theory that offers some clues:

He holds that between ages of   14 and  17, the brain's grey matter is gradually  ''pruned'' 

But before go further with the research, it may be appropriate to address *WHERE TO GET HELP*

The following organisations offer information and support for depressed teenagers and their families.

.- Befrienders International  www.befrienders.org.

.- Samaritans of Thailand www.geocities.com/Samaritansthai.

.- Agape Counselling Centre, Malaysia. www.agape.org.my

.- metoyou, Singapore. http// metoyou.org.sg.

.- Child Guidance Clinic, Singapore. www.homestead.com/quietroom/CGC.

.- Samaritans of Singapore. www.samaritans.org.sg.

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