Headline April 15, 2016/ ''' *ARCTIC by ASSETS* '''

''' *ARCTIC by ASSETS* '''

TO THE DISMAY OF ENVIRONMENTALISTS   the Obama administration just so recently, gave  Shell conditional approval to drill for oil in the Arctic Ocean.

Given the fragile environment of this part of the world and to growing appeal to world leaders-
How should the international community balance environmental protection, economic development and social equity in the arctic?

The  *Room For Debate*  on Global priorities in the Arctic thus begins: 

Jon Rahbek-Clemmensen, Assistant professor of political science at the University of Southern Denmark, enumerates:

*Cooperation, not a drilling ban, is the key to insuring safety*.
The Obama administration's decision to allow offshore drilling in the Chukchi Sea has led to calls for an Arctic-wide ban on the offshore oil and gas industry in the region.

However, such a ban ignores the fact that different countries face different circumstances, and that is the challenge to finding a balanced approach to the region.

Most of the new Arctic industries   -mining, shipping, tourism and hydroelectric energy to name a few   -have a limited environmental impact and offer the opportunity to develop a region where income is low and social problems abundant.

When it comes to  oil and gas, however, leaders face a trade-off between environmental protection and local development.

The High North  is not just one uniform mass, it is  ''several Arctics'' that face distinct challenges. Alaska, for instance, is an integrated part of the United States with a population mix that resembles the rest of the country.

In contrast, Greenland  has a predominantly  Inuit  population that dreams of independence from Denmark. An independent Greenland can only sustain itself if exploitable oil and gas is found along its coast.

An Arctic wide ban on oil and gas activities would end any hope of independence for Greenland.

Similarly, whereas Alaskan oil and gas have a relatively small impact on the American economy, Arctic hydrocarbons are crucial sources of wealth for countries like Norway and Russia.  For example:

Russia will face the fiscal instability in the decades to come if it does not develop its  High North  oil and gas resources. These states will oppose an Arctic-wide ban vehemently.

Arctic cooperation offers opportunities to diminish the environmental dangers that follow from oil and gas exploration.

The 2013 Arctic Council Oil Spill Agreement  provides tools for states to handle the repercussions of an oil spill. More can be done to prevent disasters from happening through shared practices and common rules.

A comprehensive ban on oil and exploration may seem like a quick fix for the  High North, but it is neither realistic nor desirable.

*Faiza Oulaahsen, an activist on issues climate and energy at the Greenpeace* states:

We need stop the nonsense and create a global sanctuary
In 2012, the last  Shell  attempted to drill for oil in the Arctic, the company was haunted by one failure after another.

An ice floe the size of Manhattan forced the oil company to move its rig within one day of operation.

During a heavy storm at sea,  the  28,000 ton Kulluk ran aground, nearly causing a disaster. Shell's contractors eventually pleaded guilty to eight felonies for environmental and maritime crimes.

Shell says this time will be different. I say it won't.

Experts say there is no field-tested, proven technology to effectively stop and clean up an oil spill in the Arctic.

According to a recent study by the  Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, there is a 75 percent chance of major oil spill happening in the Arctic if Shell gets what it wants.

Even other major oil companies are having doubts about Shell's plans.

*And they should*.

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