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IN PAKISTAN  - the historic and  first conceptual host of !WOW!.........  -the World students Society and the Ecosystem 2011-

A grim and a grief-stricken Prime Minister Mian Mohammed Nawaz Sharif addressed the people of Pakistan and the students of Pakistan, -defining yet again, the context and the concept of this mortal combat on terror.

*!WOW!  -the World Students Society assures the Prime Minister of Pakistan of the considerations of its highest esteem and unflinching total and unconditional support*.

*In the war against terror, no country has suffered more, no country has made more sacrifices,.... than Pakistan. Specifically -the students of Pakistan*.

Pakistan's best interest in an impregnable defense, and for a formidable counter-offensives against the terrorists,  would be only  truly served, if the senior students are asked to take over and oversee every ''soft target''.       

Mr. Prime Minister  -Sir, the sooner this is thought of and integrated, the best and the better for Pakistan and the whole world.

At !WOW!   -the World Students Society, that is owned by every student in the world,  ''one-share piece-peace''  we understand that  ''Social Innovation'' is a legacy for Future Generations.

Imagine if the future generations, students and all, would wake up to a better world. Where there's no terror, where energy is cleaner, the fresh water always plentiful, and the environment clean and healthy and pretty.

Where everyone has access to education, opportunities, justice, dignity, freedom, democracy and free spirits and will. All of this  !WOW!'s servings and honours and social innovations-

That's what our legacy should be for all and every generation to come. And that's what should inspire us to attempt the Great Next. And with that in mind, we at !WOW!, must make a lasting impact.

!WOW! is one of the great ways that every country can make a real and effective response to world changes, And as the world evolves beyond imagination, we need to be evolving constantly and briskly, too............  

A person familiar with YouTube's operations said that the company officials tend to quickly review videos that generate a high number of complaints relative to the number of views.

But relying on simple numbers can lead to other kinds of problems.

Facebook suspended or restricted the accounts of many pro Western Ukranians after they were accused of hate speech by multiple Russian speaking users-

In what appeared to be a coordinated campaign, said former Facebook security staffer Nick Bilogorskiy, a Ukranian immigrant who helped some of those accounts win appeals. He said the complaints have leveled off. 

A similar campaign attributed to Vietnamese officials at least temporarily blocked content by government critics, activists said.

Facebook declined to discuss these cases.

What law enforcement, politicians and some activists would really like is for Internet companies to stop banned content from being shared in the first place. But that would pose a tremendous technological challenge, as well as an enormous policy shift, former executives said.

Some child pornography can be blocked because the technology companies have access to a database that identifies previously known images. A similar type of system is in place for copyrighted music.

There is no database for videos of violent acts, and the same footage that might violate a social network's terms of service if uploaded by an anonymous militant might pass if it were a part of a news broadcast.

Nicole Wong, who previously served as the  White House's deputy chief technology officer, said tech companies would be reluctant to create a database of militant videos, even if it could be kept current enough to be relevant-

For fear that repressive governments would demand such set-ups to pre-screen any  content they do not like.

''Technology companies are rightfully cautious because they are global players, and if they built it for one purpose they don't get to say it can't be used for anything else,'' said Wong, a former  Twitter and  Google legal executive.

''If you built it, they will come    -it will also be used in China and elsewhere to stop dissidents. 
There have been some formal policy changes. Twitter revised its abuse policy to ban indirect threats of violence, in addition to direct threats, and has dramatically improved its speed for handling abuse requests, a spokesman said.

''Across the board we respond to requests more quickly, and it's safe to say government requests are in that bunch,'' the spokesman said.

Facebook said it banned this year any content praising terrorists.

Google's  YouTube has expanded a little-known  ''Trusted Flagger'' programme, allowing groups ranging from a British anti-terror police unit to the  Simon Wiesenthal Center, a human rights organisation, to flag large numbers of videos as problematic and get immediate action.

A Google spokesman declined to say how many trusted flaggers there were, but said the vast majority were individuals chosen based on the their past accuracy in identifying content that violated  YouTube's policies.

No US government agencies were part of the programme, though some non-profits US entities have joined in the past year, she said.

'' There's no Wizard of Oz syndrome. We send stuff in and we get an answer,'' said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, head of the Wiesenthal Center's Digital Terrorism and Hate project.   

With respectful dedication to the Leaders of the world, Students, Professors and Teachers. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society -and the Ecosystem 2011:

''' One World '''

Good Night and God Bless

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