The Biggest Mistake(s) You're Probably Making In Your Bedroom

So now that you've got that big bathroom blunder under control (or have at least added it to your to-do list of things to fix), it's time to put in some work in the bedroom.

No, not that kind of work.

Just like in the bathroom, there are some pretty common mistakes many of us make when it comes to design. Here, seven designers weigh in on the ones they see most often and the ones they feel most compelled to fix.

Buying The 'Bedroom Suite'
"I see homes where the bed, nightstands, chest of drawers and mirror are all identical. It is very boring and looks like a sales special. Take a little bit of time and find 'coordinating' pieces vs. 'matched' pieces. Take a little bit of time and find special pieces you love for your bedroom. It's one of the spaces in your home that you spend the most amount of time." -- Sandra Espinet

Too Many Pillows
"The biggest mistake people in the bedroom is loading up the bed with too many pillows. That’s too much work twice a day, and it just looks fussy." -- Amy Mellen, Creative Director, Calvin Klein Home

Not Enough Lighting
"I often have two sources of light by the bed -- pretty lamps for aesthetics and ambient light. However, one still needs direct reading light as partners don't always go to sleep at the same time. Ideally, I also add small, flexible individual direct reading lights." -- Amanda Nisbet

Skimping On A Quality Mattress
"Everyone has become obsessed with the thread count of their sheets, often spending more than they do on their mattresses. A mattress is an investment and is the literally the core of a good bedroom and a good night's sleep. Invest in quality and take it for a test drive!" -- Ken Fulk

Experimenting With Harsh Colors
"I love color; I use it a lot in my work. The bedroom is the one place in the house that should be soothing, relaxing and comforting. The bedroom is not the place to experiment with harsh colors. You want soothing tones that promote a restful night sleep and a sanctuary from the rest of the world.” –- Nathan Turner

Mis-sized Art On The Walls
"I can't stand seeing a small image alone above a bed. The key to 'finishing' a room is to treat the wall behind the bed with a large piece of art or a gallery which addresses the space correctly." -- Elizabeth Bolognino

Too Much Light
"It is really important to consider window treatments that can darken the room completely and look just as beautiful closed as they do open. Draperies with a thick inner lining are my favorites. They absorb sound and are so luxurious that you instantly feel cocooned when they are closed, and glamorous when they are sumptuously gathered at the sides when opened up." -- Annie Brahler

Tuning In
"A bedroom is for sleeping and other forms of entertainment - but not watching the latest episode of 'Homeland.' Enjoy the peace and intimacy of your bedroom. I believe it should be a place to relax, read, talk and sleep. Leave the hyper stimulation of the electronic world we live in at the door!" -- Ken Fulk

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