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''If Thomas Crapper were around today, he would find our toilets quite familiar,'' says Bill Gates, referring to the Victorian manufacturer of sanitary ware whose name has become attached to one of the body's most fundamental functions.

''They haven't seen many advances apart from handles and paper toilet rolls.'' In fact, with the exception of s-trap to contain odours, flush toilets have changed little since Sir John Harrington installed one in Richmond Palace for Queen Elizabeth 1 in the late 1590s.

Bill Gates considers it time for a change. On August 14th, last year, his charity, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced the gold, silver and bronze-medal winners in its Reinventing The Toilet Challenge, which aims to bring safe, affordable and ''sustainable''  loos to the 40% of world's population who lack access to basic sanitation.

The challenge is nothing if not ambitious. It seeks a toilet that costs less than five cents per user per day to operate, that requires neither a supply of clean water not sewerage infrastructure to take the waste away.

And that will generate energy and recover salts, water and other nutrients. Even though the challenge is a little more than a year old, the award winners are on track to achieve all these goals.

In a third place is a toilet designed by researchers at the University of Toronto. It treats urine and faeces separately, using a material freely available in many of the world's poorest regions: sand.

Urine is filtered through sand, and the resulting fluid is sterilised with ultraviolet light. Faeces are dried slowly within the toilet before being fed into a smouldering sand filled reactor:

The system can sanitise the waste of ten people in two hours, leaving only sand and freshish water behind.

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With respectful dedication to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless is flushed with pride on your great work to improve the quality of human lives.
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