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Mr Whittle hopes to have built one in each of these cities within a decade. Each will teach an identical curriculum, and not only will pupils be able to move freely between them:

They will be expected to spend at least a year studying abroad as boarders.

Equipping people to prosper in the global economy is at the core of the Avenues curriculum, which has been developed by various experts including some from:

Harvard's School of Education. Mr Whittle thinks that even America's best private schools have a  ''stale''  curriculum in this respect, especially when it comes to foreign languages.

Which often are not taught until pupils are 11. From the day they enter kindergarten at Avenues, pupils will be taught half their lessons in a foreign tongue, either Mandarin or Spanish.

This is an  ''immersion''  process that Mr Whittle reckons will make ever pupil fully bilingual with seven years.

Mr Whittle clearly relishes the freedom private education allows him to innovate, without the regulations and hostile unions that dogged him in the public sector at Edison.

He admits to some regret at the lack of an overt social mission to help those who are failed most by America's education system. On the other hand, he points out, Avenues has set aside:

$4 million a year to fund full scholarships for 100  -or partial scholarships for more than that-  of the school's eventual  1,600 strong student body.

He also believes that some of the innovations pioneered at Avenues will eventually be adopted by government-funded schools; the bilingual immersion process, for instance:

Could be introduced at next to no cost, he reckons. Perhaps 

As for making money, having given so much thought to how to survive on the $8,000 a pupil that Edison used to get from the government, 

Mr Whittle says he should have no trouble profiting from parents, who will pay five times as much.

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