Flames Media Launches First Independent Student-Run News Platform of Liberty University

Flames Media, LLC launched its first venture on Thursday, October 10 -- Flames Daily, the independent student-run news service, that serves Liberty University and the community.
As a financially and editorially independent news, sports and entertainment platform, Flames Daily seeks to deliver a new, innovative approach to providing relevant news and entertainment for students, faculty and those interested in Liberty University. With the launch of FlamesDaily.com, Flames Media has focused on a digital-first philosophy -- investing in internet and multimedia publishing technologies that engage the student demographic. Flames Daily will also be available in a print edition to complement the website.
Flames Daily offers a wide range of opportunities for Liberty University students in all areas of Journalism, including writing, reporting, production, multimedia, advertising and information technology.
Daniel Bartlett, editor-in-chief of Flames Daily and a senior at Liberty University, stated that the goal of the platform is not only to provide readers with timely and relevant information, but to also “give students the opportunity to experience scenarios that better prepare them for future careers, and do it in a fun environment that allows them to contribute their ideas and put their talents to good use.”
“Our advantage is that this is run by students, for students,” said Bartlett, who is a print journalism major. “As students, we are uniquely aware of what is important to our audience.”
Mark Bold, CEO of Flames Media and a former executive in the technology and media industry, established the collegiate media agency to give students a medium to gain valuable experience while in school.
"Flames Media was developed to provide students with a unique opportunity. It gives them practical, real-world experience in all aspects of journalism and creative media," said Bold, who is also a graduate of Liberty University School of Law. "Virtually every state university has an independent student-run newspaper, and we believe it’s vitally important for students at Liberty University to have the same opportunity."
“In today’s economy, having some experience in addition to a college degree is a huge advantage to landing a good job,” said Bold. “There is no substitute for experience.”
Along with offering news, sports and entertainment stories, Flames Daily also features blogs, opinion, multimedia, and classifieds sections. In addition, the brand consists of an off-campus housing guide -- Flames Housing (FlamesHousing.com), and an off-campus dining guide, Flames Dining (FlamesDining.com).
Bartlett says he is excited about the company, noting that it encourages students to express creativity by bringing in their own ideas, experiences and perspectives into the workplace.
“It’s not only our number one priority to provide readers with fast and reliable news, but also to allow students the chance to not only gain experience in the field of Journalism, but do it in a fun environment that also teaches students the responsibility and excitement that comes with pursuing truth,” Bartlett said.
About Flames Media, LLC
Flames Media, LLC is a modern collegiate media company that was established and led by Liberty alumni to provide students with practical, real-world experience. Flames Media seeks to train Liberty University students while serving as the primary source of news and information for Liberty University and the community.
For more information, visit http://www.flamesdaily.com.


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