Shocked students discover the 'ghost' haunting their house is actually a stranger living in a secret room in their basement

The hidden room was behind a basement door that the students
 was thought was a maintenance cupboard

A group of students who were convinced they were living in a haunted house, have told of their shock at discovering the 'ghost' was actually a man secretly living in their basement.

The Ohio State University students had been spooked by strange noises in the night and mysterious happenings like coming home to find cupboard and oven doors open.

But after a thorough search of the building, they discovered a secret room in the basement behind a door which they had previously thought was just a maintenance cupboard.

When the door was forced open they were gobsmacked to discover a small bedroom, complete with a double bed, framed photographs and student textbooks.

Mark Harman, one of the 14 students living in the three-storey building, told university newspaper The Lantern: 'We had been telling everybody the story about the ghost that lives in our house, coming and opening all our cupboards and our oven.

'Behind the locked door there were some weird noises like dings and knocks and stuff.'

Another student, Brett Mugglin, recognised the man in the photos as someone he had seen in the property during the summer.

The man said he had wondered when he was going to meet the new residents of the house, but when asked if he lived there, he had avoided the question.

After discovering the hidden bedroom, the students had the locks changed and a note was left on the door advising the mystery roommate that he was being evicted.

The man, named Jeremy, later contacted them and then moved his belongings out of the room.

Brett Mugglin said he and his fellow students bore no hard feelings towards their mystery roommate.

He added: 'He was a nice enough guy, he just wasn’t supposed to be there.'

Ten students live on the second and third floor of the house under one lease, and the first floor is leased to five other people.


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