Man in cloak, tiger mask donates Y100,000 to tornado-damaged school

CHIBA — A mysterious benefactor this week donated 100,000 yen to an elementary school that had been hit by a tornado.

According to local officials, a man arrived at the primary school in Noda by bicycle on Sept 4, wearing a cloak and a tiger mask, TBS reported Saturday. He then reportedly handed staff a book and left without giving his name.

School staff found 100,000 yen inside the book in 500-yen coins, along with a note which read, “Please use this for restoration of the school and care of the children’s hearts.”

The character of “Tiger Mask” is a benefactor in a popular manga series. The man grows up in an orphanage and becomes a professional wrestler. From then on, he donates money to orphanages.

The tornado hit the area last Monday, causing damage to property and injuring several people. It then moved 14 km to Noda in neighboring Chiba Prefecture, where it continued to wreak havoc.

In response to the anonymous man’s donation, the Board of Education said the money will be put toward expanding the school’s selection of disaster provisions.

Japan Today


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