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So how do you survive the Middle Passage??

''If you're salt sensitive, you're body has the uncanny ability to stay hydrated. That's how. And you might think anyone who could survive a voyage like this would be very fit and therefore you would have a longer life expectancy, but actually this peculiar selection mechanism says:

That you can survive an ordeal such as the Middle Passage, but it's horrible for hypertension and related diseases. And salt sensitivity is a highly heritable trait, meaning that your descendants, i.e., the black Americans, stand a pretty good chance of being hypertensive or of having cardiovascular disease.

The data supports this finding. Africans in the United States have the same life expectancy as whites. And if you look at  ''salt sensitivity and high blood pressure among black Africans, it occurs at the same rate as in whites. Farther, black Caribbeans   -who would have been subjected to the same selection-

Have similar rates of hypertension and cardiovascular disease as black Americans. All of this suggests that salt sensitivity could be a major factor in the differential health of blacks relative to whites today.

But here's whats nice. ''It's not like I'm arguing that the left ventricle is enlarged in blacks relative to whites, in which case we'd be left to just throw up our hands and say,Hmmm.......that sucks. It's not as if we are saying, Oh, there are just genetic differences, so let's stop trying to figure this out.

There's something that can be done   -a diuretic that helps your body get rid of your salts. A little common pill. Of course, this notion is controversial. People e-mail me and say ,''Can't you see the slipper slope here?

'Can't you see the perils of this argument?'.
But we are talking of people's lives here   -our people. Are we to stick our heads in the sand and say,'' Well, it can't be salt sensitivity because that would be politically explosive??'' 

No, we must research salt sensitivity. In fact we are in the early stages, with colleagues from Harvard Medical School, of further testing these ideas''.

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