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When Professor Joseph DeRisi  needs human blood to grow a batch of the malaria parasite for his research, he open his own vein.

Given the nationwide shortage of blood, he has said, donating his own blood is simply  ''more ethical''. That one fact gives you an idea of the death-zone altitude of moral behaviour at which Professor DeRisi manages to live.

When you are working day and night trying to save millions of children from an agonizing early death, you're entitled to be little high-minded.

Professor Joseph DeRisi, who is short, thin and hyperactive, is a great rock star among molecular biologists. He runs a bustling lab at the University of California at San Francisco where, he has said, people are always ''doing things that matter.'' 

At the top of the list of those things are to defeat the plague of the Thirld World Malaria. DeRisi has focused on figuring out the genetic change reactions in the malaria parasite's life cycle. What he's discovered is profound for the possibility of future cures.

It appears that the parasite turns on its genes in an unwavering lockstep order. Unlike other microscopic bugs that are more adaptable, if you disrupt the malaria parasite's careful genetic pattern in any way, it dies. Think of the genes acting like dominoes falling in a chain. Take out one domino and everything stops. DeRisi's research should now enable someone to find a drug that takes out one domino in the deadly chain.

The battle to fight malaria needs a  ''brilliant do-gooder'' like DeRisi. If there ever was a disease that proved beyond doubt that drug companies are in the business for the cash, this is it. Malaria infects 300 to 500 million people a year and kills between 700,000 and  2.7 million   -mostly children   - each year.

''Calculate the economic impact of the disease and you can see that malaria is one of the main reasons  the   Third World remains the           ''Third World.''

Because most of the suffering  and death is visited upon the poor people, there is a little effort from the drug companies to advance the fundamental research that might lead to an effective cure.

Professor DeRisi is not in research for the money.  As befitting his principled life, he disdains the connection between drug development and profit:
''I don't respect those who are in science  'solely'  for the money,'' says the Professor.

'' !!! The goal should be helping people. As a scientist, I believe you don't do research for profit !!! ''

Professor DeRisi identified Sars. He broke the genetic code of malaria. He is tackling cancer, and common cold.
He is determined to come to grips with some important things.
True to his word, DeRisi gives most of his insights away for free.

' !!! Thank You, Professor ! God bless you and your splendid accomplishments We all thank you on behalf of the entire mankind.!!! '

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