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Keira Knightley, A straight A student,  was planning to return to College and lined up a summer job at a local skateboard shop.
''Mum and Dad were actors,'' she says. ''So it's always been: you do a job and get back to the end of the line. And then you work your way up the line. You always have to be prepared for the times you'll be out of work.''
Then, just so as it happens, Fate Intervened.

As it turned out, Keira Knightley's arrival in Hollywood was every bit a modern day fairy tale. Before Bend It Like Beckham was released from the U.S., Gore Vabrinski, the director of the Pirates of the Caribbean, summoned Knightley to Los Angeles  on the strength of a casting director's tape; he passed her on to the film's producer, action-movie mogul Jerry Bruckheimer, who signed her up for his $125 million enterprise.

''There are a lot of beautiful girls around the world,'' Bruckheimer avers, ''But the problem is, they can't turn off who they are when the camera turns on. Keira is very natural in front of the camera  -when she becomes the character, you don't see any of the acting wheels turning.
Given her blatant lack of Cool Starlet Persona, it ts perhaps understandable that Knightley feels no gravitational pull toward the centre of the show-business universe. ''I love to visit L.A., but I couldn't live there.'' she says. ''As an actor you're supposed to be simulating reality, and L.A., us based on unreality. Personally, I don't know how I could  'grow artistically' in a place like that.

''Anyway, I couldn't handle the rejection. If you are walking around L.A., you're seeing all those perfect people and you start to think, I've got to be like that. I'll have to be much stronger before I go over there, I think.''

If Keira Knightley's combination of outsider attitude and sultry looks brings to mind the young Winona Ryder, or any subsequent starlet of the ''free spirit'' school, it should be stated that this English actress is of an entirely different kidney. For starters, Knightley confidently maintains eye contact at all times during conversation, and never once brings up her pets and how ''totally human'' they are; there is no talk of ''auras,'' being a ''very spiritual person,'' or even yoga; and her agenda does not appear to include any new found interest in environmentalism or magical-realist novels.

Nor does Knightley seem to evince the desperate yen for higher credibility that is prevalent among her peers. So impoverished is her knowledge of music, it is extremely unlikely that she will end up dating a  Stroke or a white Stripe. She recently asked her friends for lists of their Top 10 albums so that she could buy them up in an effort to acquire some basic pop culture grounding. During her teenage years, the actress's bedroom walls were adorned not by posters of boy hands or grunge rockers but by a single picture of Emma Thompson.

Knightley's drama-geek side lives on, judging by her vocal enthusiasm for Jennifer Jason Leigh, the ultimate actress's actress, who is featured alongside her in The Jacket. Although the film is one of several eminently solid projects on Knightley's slate  -including a Pitate of the Caribbean sequel  -she retains a distinctly actuarial approach to her craft. So strong was her feeling that she would be fired from this movie, she brought only one week's worth of clothes to Scotland.

But let's get real here; while her self-deprecation is an admirable trait, the girl is an utter knockout; she is gorgeous, a sex symbol in the making. The gushing should probably end there -we are, after all talking about a very young actress. Or just one more gush:
''That face!'' exclaims Penny Rose, costume designer on both Pirates of the Caribbean and King  Arthur, ''People just stop and jaws open, But Keira is completely unaware of being a beauty.''

Not everybody in the past, felt inhibited by the young and tender age that accompanied the beauty. A fellow production staffer who has worked with Knightley reports being overwhelmed with inquiries about the actress from sportsmen and fellow actors. As Jerry Bruckheimer reveals, 

''A lot my friends say, 'Oh my God, when can we meet Keira?''' And who knows -Bruckheimer's buddies may even have a shot at buying Knightley a nonalcoholic drink, because she insists that men rarely try to pick her up. 

''Maybe it's because I am too thick to realize,'' says Knightley, ''but very few people have chatted me up. Maybe I am just a sad person and I don't sit at enough bars. But that's O.K.........I have got enough time.''

The ever beautiful Keira Knightley has been getting,  since many years now, calls from some of the biggest Hollywood hitters  This once, London drama geek, is a fairy tale right from day one, after soaring in the breakout indie, Bend it Like. Beckham and opposite Johnny Depp in the box office hit Pirates of the Caribbean. 

The Knightley magic continues.

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