Fox News host falls asleep during live morning show broadcast

A sleep-deprived Tucker Carlson caught grief from his co-hosts when he dozed off during a live broadcast of Fox & Friends this morning.
Carlson, one of the three regular hosts of the Fox News morning show, claimed he had a good excuse - he was up late filling for Sean Hannity on the 9pm broadcast of his show.
The conservative pundit's co-hosts didn't let him off the hook with that excuse, though.
As Carlson stretched awake after rousting himself from his slumber, Clayton Morris teased, 'Good to see you! Welcome to Fox & Friends.'
Later he added: 'In 15 years of doing this program, I don't think that's ever happened.'
Alisyn Camerota helpfully handed Carlson a venti cup of Starbucks coffee.
The host pleaded for sympathy.
'You know what it is, I sat in for Sean Hannity last night. It went late,' he said.
And, all of a sudden I was sitting there and I was having these happy thoughts and I just dozed off.
'And then I heard one of our evil cameramen cackling in the background. I know which one of you it is.'
Carlson also thought he was fine to take a nap because the show was on a commercial break. Unfortunately, it appears he snoozed through the commercials. He was still nodded off in his seat when the cameras cut back to him.
'I know we're not on television, so it doesn't bother me,' he said.
But, as it dawned on him that he was indeed on air, he gets a little red-faced.
'Wait, are we honestly live?' he asks. His co-hosts simply laugh.

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