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The amount of love, joy, honor a person experiences in his life, is directly proportional to the degree of suffering they have experienced.

And over all these many years that I have had the blessed privilege to know some of you, and understand most of you, I have felt one emotion -one stark emotion that overshadows all your thinking:
''A generations loss of belief in the future.''
In the great ''Rolling Mills of Learning'' : !WOW! and Sam Daily Times, you fathomed, that almost every government is a product of another era. And that elaborate Theatrics cannot disguise a real groundswell of impatience for change.

The World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless and Sam Daily Times, -the voice of the voiceless-  wishes : the sons of Pakistan, the daughters of Pakistan the very best for the 11th of May, when you all go out to cast your vote.

And when you do cast your vote,  according to the dictates of your conscience, you would have symbolized all the great values and honor and all the conditions and sacrifices that a nation building mandates. Your sufferings and silence has been a great summation.To speak is very, very difficult. The whole Nation of Pakistan, and all the fair minded people in the world salute you!

It inspired me to see your character and courage first hand, and to see you sustain yourself in spite of horrible challenges to your daily survival.
You may or may not know it, but you are now moving from an era in which responsibility to self was the overriding value in business, politics, and all social sciences towards a time in which responsibility to ones society, nation and fellow beings  returns to the front line of thought and discourse and action. The world knows a lot about competition but very little about cooperation.

And in no time, you will find your new government make a chilling pilgrimage to the sea of problems. Remember, Growth will only come with democracy and the rule of law. Pakistan ought to invest more and more in Institutions that reward students and people for innovativeness and energy.

Pakistan will be highly dependent on external food supplies, so there will be limit to urbanization. And more often than not the question will arise as to how to encourage new technology to solve problems of pollution and natural disasters. But the most important and persistent development in Pakistan's future will be the movement towards the rule of law. It is the foundation of a modern economy.

History demands of you that you be aware of deeper world as well as the wider. The mad thing about !WOW! is that you are never ever there. You will always be trying to get the next stage. And On and ON. And Round and Round. It never stops.
And remember if You Fall, Everyone Falls with you. !WOW! is an outward bound experience.

Lastly, whether you wish to be reminded or not, the harsh truth is that the last act in the ''geo-political great game''  of the sub-continent and of the world is all set to be played out.

In real life, crises are distinguished by stillness born of the awareness that choices are disappearing. That moment is upon you all. There are things that can be done, there are things that cannot be done. The worst thing for you is not to have tried.
You will not be guilty of that!

''Your political imagination must catch up with your scientific vision!''
Voting for your ideals is your best option and your best choice. This is your top priority.This is a priority of Monumental Proportions. You hold good cards: !WOW! and Sam Daily times. Your next challenge is to play your hand Well.
The country is in Mortal peril!

Please share this post with every single Pakistani.

With respectful, loving and proud dedication to the Samurai, and all the Students and Professors of Pakistan; And to the great people of Pakistan.
See you all at the voting booth! See you all on !WOW!.

Good Night & God Bless!

SAM Daily Times - the Voice of the Voiceless


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