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It is a great honour, a personal and singular one too, to welcome the first parents on !WOW!.

1. Sultan Mahmmod Abbasi

2. Sajida Sultan Abbasi

This great family that I got  blessed to see first hand, made great sacrifices, to create the environment, that grows sterling humans. Their three lovely daughters and a son are setting up to make a mark. You will ever so often be hearing and reading about their accomplishments.

The great example that this family set should prove a source of great  inspiration for parents, the world over. I hope every single parent will join up to see ''World Students Society Computer-Internet-Wireless'' perform with Energy-Vision-Courage in a churning global economy. 

In a revolution now under way, the real question is not, What can the electronics do? but rather, Who will control the keys? Who or what will capture the all-important role of trusted intermediary in the digital domains? 

How transparent will their mediation be? Above all what standards will be used to hold the intermediaries to public account?
These questions are hardly limited to the Internet: all of politics, commerce, and society is being networked  -and thus reconfigured along cybernetic lines.

While there are compelling and competing ideas about what the future will bring, there is a general consensus on at least one overarching idea: namely, that the networked will be literally embedded with silicon chips. Beneath the blue-green jewel of Earth as seen from space, a sprawling lettuce is already taking shape.

This invisible substrate of microscopic glass-fiber filaments and pulsing code will shape our daily reality and condition our dreams. As Bill Gates puts it, the economic success of a cybernetically wired society will require ''total participation.'' Indeed its pervasiveness is part of the design.

You can visualize the wired world of the future as a gigantic TV in your hand, you hold a sophisticated remote-control device that offers you a seemingly endless abundance of choice. Intuitive wisdom suggests that you, as an individual 'user', will therefore be ''empowered'' in the sprawl of networked domains.

No longer will you be limited to the fare dished up by a few paternalistic editors of network TV. You can and now do, have it your way. Yet, of the many options you confront, the most basic, namely the option to tune out, will be and is denied. What's more, in the world view of our fully wired fathers, a person's essential individuality can actually be captured in terms of data, and is thus subject to processing. 

It would seem that, for each of us, our very spirit is contained in the DNA that inhabits and ''defines'' us. Henceforth your mind is to be regarded as a complex computational processor  -either you will be logged onto the network of life or else you will be Dead.

With respectful and loving dedication to the memory of my great mother -Ashrafat Jan. She never went to school. And she said, ''there were no schools in and around the village! And my message for you, mom, is that ''when the mind is correct, the self is cultivated.''
How do I know this?  Well, mom, a philosopher called Confucius taught me in, The Great Learning. And then I saw this in you very First Hand!

With respectful dedication to Haleema's great mother With a message: that we will get to the cure!

With respectful dedication to all mothers who missed the light. With a message that ''when knowledge is extended, the will becomes sincere.''
The battle wages but only by great heroes!!

Please share the post with the entire world! Especially with Prime Minister Gordon Brown at the UN.

Good Night & God Bless!

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