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As you get wiser, you will understand and appreciate that The chief requirement of any technology is that it shouldn't mind being annoying!

Despite the mist of quiet appreciation that gathers around any new technology, it's always actually quiet hard to say what its true values are as service. I challenge any one in the world to refute that insight!

When telephone technology first appeared on the scene, it first set in a shift   -that accelerated a shift away from old locally rooted businesses and family farms towards an economy of sprawling national business conglomerates. It took time for people's sensibilities and social institutions to catch up. Workforces were left fragmented and unable to immediately organize and mount an effective response.

As a matter of fact, it was not until well into the 1930s, at the height of the Great Depression, that Labor Associations in the U.S. won the legal rights to collectively bargain with their employers on equitable terms. In the interval, union organizers were routinely roughed up and murdered by hired thugs. Miners shouldered weapons to fight lawmen.

The irony is that all of this turbulence was fed by people's unfulfilled wish not to defeat the system so much as more fully to engage in its revised economic and social narratives. This experience remains relevant in light of the trajectory upon which the world stays launched today. But enough of all this exasperating history for now. Lets jack back into technology.

The Cybernetic future being promoted by many contemporary policymakers and pundits is a misleading collage. It contains bits of truth which have been subtly decontextualized to yield a plausible yet insubstantial dream. Through out the brief and remarkable history of the cybernetic ''paradigm'', its downside have been consistently unanticipated, misunderstood, or simply ignored.

So, wise hunters of the postmodern tribes, take care. Even the light filled savannas hide treacherous patches of shade. Fire up and log on to the Internet (if you can afford it) an down load the Magna Carta For the Knowledge Age -assuming that you belong to that upper one percentile of that world's  population that actually knows how. Although the main objective of this Magna Carta is to advocate an agenda of thoroughgoing deregulation of the communications industry   -which is incidentally described as its   ''Manifest Destiny''  and to scold as patriarchal and ''socially elitist'' those who advocate a more measured approach.

And you will find that this portentous document also ever-so-modestly proposes that the central event of the 20th century is the overthrow of  matter. In fact wealth in the form of physical resource is losing its significance..........the central resource is..............knowledge. Where humankind once had its historical eras dominated bronze, Iron, and oil, we are now streaking at warp speed into a future in which the fusion of information and high technology will be the primary resource for generating economic prosperity.

Those who absorb the costs of this transition   -not only individuals and enterprises in the West but also that unwired majority of the world -46% of whose population still till the soil-  have yet to take the full implications on board. They all have been assured that a pervasively networked world will automatically be more benign and preferable to the one in which they already happen to live.

It is as if the mere existence of a global Net will confer widespread enlightenment, a fair distribution of resources, and general ''empowerment'' to the many and various societies of the world. Using new tools  -satellites, sensors, and massively parallel computers-   mankind will miraculously comprehend and manage the world ''system'' in ever more refined and intelligent ways.

A modest dose of ''appropriate technology'' in the right space and good time will dependably yield a luxuriant flowering of individual growth, intellectual development, and the progress of more humanitarian ideals.

To me, I repeat: to me only, the great paradox of Technology is that it practices the art of self-effacement while making itself central, dug in and indispensable.
Is this as clear as the Mud?!!

A Heart Rendering and respectful dedication to the millions of millions of unemployed youth/students in the world!
Will they ever lead a meaningful life? I stole in on hundreds of technology students at their break time in one of the leading universities here. Did they know that in the segment of interest for their future, the job growth rate last year, was just 17 jobs!!
I think we may need to train as ''insomniacs''. Call Centres Call!!
Shame on every progress if the fall out is not thought off and out, and managed!!
We have failed! No two opinions on that. !WOW! records that with perfect pitch as I head for the mountains to reflect.

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Good Night & God Bless!

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