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They are all just so liberated and famous. So, It is just so Cool to be an Old Etonian again!

''The transition of these Old Etonians,'' writes Brooks,''from being arrogant and members of corrupt Masonic order''  to  heroes, leaders and innovators have been inspired by a select band of brothers.

Leading from the front, which is something they're particularly good at, is Prime Minister David Cameron, London's mayor Boris Boris Johnson, gallerist Jay Jopling, and Jockey-cum-author Charlie Brook. It's no fluke that 37 Old Etonians (OEs) have won the Victoria Cross.

While every hack, and social anthropologist is trying to reevaluate his Etonian past, this is how Charlie Brooks puts it:
''Then there's Boris, the king of wind-up merchants. Without Boris this renaissance would certainly not have been possible, because Boris proves the point that there is no such thing as a stereotypical Old Etonian. It simply wouldn't be possible for any school to turn out a load of eccentric blond-shells.

Boris was a tug (scholar) at Eton, so he had to wear a strange cape over his tails and stiff collar. It identified them to the less intelligent Oppidans, which gave them a chance to run away.. Given his hair style, Boris probably had a bona fide case for not having to impersonate the Boy Wonder. The legally world practically be on its knees these days if it weren't for us lot  

Alex Cameron QC is the star of our pack. I thought he would do well in politics, but it was to the bar he went. He was so young when he took silk, he practically still had his milk teeth. 
From civil rights to human rights, I give you Rory Stewart OBE. One of Harvard's youngest professors, his expert view on Afghanistan could end up shaping Barrack Obama's policy in the region. 
But it has to be said there have been a few who went to ''school' who have let the side down a bit. Prince Dipendra of Nepal, known imaginatively as Dippy to his friends. This trait proved to be his undoing. Dippy massacred several members of his family including King Birendra.

We also have to admit that disgraced politician Jonathan Atken is one of ours. 'But on the whole, OEs do well in the prison; well equipped by what they learnt fagging at school. And Aitken turned to religion in the clink, so he's forgiven anyway.

We're intrepid hardy travellers ( Bear Grylis), and we've conquered Holly Wood (Hugh Laurie), and we've flown the length of the country on a bicycle  (John Carver). We're cool from school.''

But when all is said and done, and for all of you who may have missed knowing David Cameroon better  -whether on the tennis court, or cricket pitch, do. know,  that he's a competitive old blue.

This post is respectfully dedicated to FloreatEtona. See you all on the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless.

Good Night & God Bless!

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