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There is no one in the world quite like Natalie Portman. She is part Harvard Educated Philanthropist, part beautiful movie star. She is the kind of girl that when you see her smile, you stop and realise that the world is good and beautiful!!

Queen Amidala, the Lolita of 'Leon' the child star turned Harvard Graduate: everything about Natalie Portman sneers, ''I am too good for you.'' She is of course, but in her role in ''Garden State'', she crosses over to the light side.

She was just Thirteen when she read about the Stagedoor Manor in The New York Times Magazine. It said it taught you how to become a ''Theatre Star'' and so she begged her parents to let her go, and they did.

In Garden State her performance stood out. It seems she went for this classic performance and let herself do that, maybe for the first time since she were a little kid. It was cool because she was at the end of college and it felt like she knew what she wanted. ''Then you couldn't care less about what anyone else is thinking, and when you are acting you just let go,'' she gleefully adds.

''The biggest misconception about me is that I'm really serious. I try to talk about stuff I actually care about, but then people are like,'You are so not fun.' Some of my work was not critically well-received I felt that people stopped believing that I am serious about acting. But, on the other hand, that made me want to prove myself more, work harder and do better things.''

''It's funny because I studied psychology and my main focus was memory, and they always say that when you ask people for a bad memory, you can never get a bad memory because they always turn it into something good. It's like a coping mechanism. I think I just; this is Exhibit A of that human tendency.''

''I do have an obnoxious laugh. I'm a compulsive, disgusting over-laughter, but I can't do it on cue. I can cry on cue easy, but laughing: so hard, so hard.''

At Harvard, she just had, like, just two papers and a final. Interesting but not that rigorous.

Respectful dedication to this great University of Learning and knowledge, Harvard.

Good Night & God Bless!

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