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If you suffer from recurring headaches you should check the position of your bed. The Japanese are meticulous about aligning beds, office and homes with the Earth's positive energy fields.
 While this Eastern activity is based on the ancient principles of Yin-Yang, a 1990 study by Dr David Dowson, director of the Centre for the Study of Complementary Medicine in Southampton, suggests that the interference of man-made energy fields, from sources such as powerlines, with the Earth's natural field plays a role in producing headaches.
 So a goodnight's rest may have less to do with type of bed you have and more to do with its position: a north south direction is thought to be best.   

According to Patrick Holford, Director of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, the 'average person breathes in two grams of solid pollution, has 12lbs of chemicals added to their food and has one gallon of pesticides sprayed on the fruit and vegetables they eat each year. To help us rid ourselves of these unavoidable toxins, Health + have developed the Detox formula II food supplement. These pollution busting tablets contains firstly, Vitamins A and E, which neutralise the carcingenic substances present in air pollutants; secondly, zinc, calcium and magnesium, which are biological antagonists of lead and aluminium, two substances associated with premature senility, and thirdly vitamin C, to remove lead and nitrates, which can impare brain functions, Detox is being tested on motorbike couriers.

Hair loss might be the thinking human's health problem believes French hair specialist Jean Francois Lazartigue.
'I believe the egghead professor is not an accidental cliche. People who think a lot tend to produce a lot of sebum and are especially prone to shedding hair.' Lazartigue contends that 90 per cent of all baldness is caused by an element in sebum called saqualene which destroys hair roots.
'Hair is like a sick plant,' he reflects,'you can polish the leaves, but that does not mean all is well. And although my products cannot make a bald scalp sprout new hair, they can slow down the production of sebum, and hence the rate of hair loss. My lipsome hair energiser, for example, not only considerably reduces hair loss, but can arrest the decline by directly attacking its causes and providing the right environment for the growth of strong healthy hair.''
Lazartigue has also experienced great success with his propolis jelly for oily scalps and shampoos which contain no detergents. Clients' hair and scalp are thoroughly examined through a microviewer, which magnifies the the hair and roots over 100 times.
Students who are interested should look up the Lazartigue regime.

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