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Without a shadow of doubt, C.I.A is the most formidable and vital part of the American Defense System.
Here are a few incidents, even excerpts, from  -without question, the most blistering book yet written about the C.I.A.
Peter J McGarvey, a former career Agent of the C.I.A now narrates:

''I witnessed dozen of stunts by the political action arm of CIA in Saigon. During the Buddhists riots of the summer 1964, political action officers dispatched several dozen South Vietnamese into the crowds of Buddhists with ''itiching-powder'' bombs.
Egg-sized, these capsules were dropped onto the ground and stepped upon by the agent.

The fact that most of the Buddhists wore NO UNDERWEAR was taken into consideration before the devices were used. The powder floated upward and effectively defused the revolutionary spirit .Hahaha!
The political arm also noted that heavy rain had a tendency to breakup student and Buddhist demonstrations, so they arranged to have planes on standby with silver iodide bomblets on board!!

During that period a political action officer assigned to the Bien Hoa Air Base to keep tabs on General Ky's ''coup bombers'' were quite active. Ky's unit of A-1 Skyraiders was stationed near Saigon to thwart any move by Army or Marine Corps commanders who might think of moving on Saigon to topple the government.
When Premier Hoang outlived his usefulness and a coup was imminent, the CIA political action officer at Ky's headquarters managed to slip a potent ''LAXATIVE'' into the pilot's meal at the air base, incapacitating the entire squadron and allowing the military to topple the civilian premier.

The man who came up with this idea had also used it to a great advantage in 1960 in Laos, when he had averted a coup by rightist Lao forces by slipping the same concoction into the drinking water of an entire battalion guarding the capital of Vientiane.''
Oh dear, dear me! Hahaha!

And, and, So, anyone of you for ''Polio'' Campaigns??

With respectful dedication to the ''Intelligent''  Intelligence Agencies of the World!!

Good Night & God Bless!

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