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Dr Philip Zimbardo, I thank you, Sir!

You illuminated the path of !WOW!  in your brilliant essay : ''JOURNEYING FROM EVIL TO HEROISM''.

Just hear and understand D Zimbardo's line of questioning : Why do some kids give in and start down the slippery slope of evil, while others resist and stay on the right side of that line separating good from evil?
How and why do good people turn evil? versus How can ordinary people be inspired to act heroically?

Dr Philip Zimbado do us the honor and join up on !WOW! The World Students Society of Computers-Internet-Wireless.

To the ever changing Expectations, I now return to the Headline Post:

At the philosophic level, the burden of human existence is that we are each cut off from the great continuity of Mother Nature for a very very brief trajectory that becomes our individual life.
We each move through life, making the choices that define us, trying to fill the gaps as best we may. 
In all our individual achievements, however, we remain alone. If we are bound at all, it is only by the languages and the values we share.

As the universal language and technologies of the information age widen the potential scope of human movement from national to global and to virtual, it is time to question whether they will automatically give rise to a binding language and set of values as well. Is it possible that, instead, they are imposing a binary babble of mutually incomprehensible tongues?

When great existential and perceptual space divides us,  for example, when the culture of the East meets those of the West, when the rich meet the poor; when the fragmented communities of the Net meet those built on continuities in nature   -the only effective lines connection are those that contain the truest of codes. Like the World Students Society of Computers-Internet-Wireless: !WOW!

For,...For the old verities of the spirit, ''love and honor and pity and pride and compassion and sacrifice,''  as the great Novelist and Noble prize winner William Faulkner once wrote
The Human Narrative is well and Truly Doomed!!!
Think about this!!
Because, -even perhaps- communication, in its most transcendent sense, is really about love. It is built on sharing and mutual respect. It requires an accommodation of different states of being and seeing and sharing. Yet a ''Cybernetic'' world of fractal movement,  -one comprised of sources, transmitters, receivers, destinations, feedback loops, and above all of information and message exchange : a real bound by a two digit code  -has yet to acknowledge the fundamental spiritual negotiations that universally lie at the heart of its ways.

 And lest the world forgets, These Elements of Communication were first enunciated by Claude Shannon and Warren Weaver in the late 1940s No words to define this splendour!!. 
{All the big-bang CEOs and CTOs that I met here,in the host playground: But should they!!?

So, remember, that those who would own and manage life for their own
personal benefit have the force of nature working against them.
Life will resist their arrogant claims.
The question, therefore, is how this resistance will take shape, and how creative it will actually prove to be.

Humankind has yet to make its next evolutionary move, nay, nay, nah, Leap. Yes, Leap!!
Why? To acknowledge that our survival both as a species and as civilized creatures depends on whether we can find the modesty to embrace many limits,  even, even, Terrestrial limits, to enter into a ore respectful dialog with each other, and to assume a more balanced position on the planet we share!!  
And you the  -World Students-  are not aiming High enough! You are underestimating your own abilities.
You hold yourself back in 'ways' Big and Small, by lacking self-confidence, BY NOT RAISING YOUR HANDS and by pulling back.
If you stay in this mode, then in the future, the blame would be yours to share, too!!

Ladies and Gentlemen and , CEOs, of the host playground : Mobilink, Telenor, Warid, Zong, Ufone, and  ALL the Cellular Companies of the World- 
Extend every care and concern to the Students of the World and .
''Welcome to The World Students Society of Computers-Internet-Wireless''.

Respectful dedication to Dr Andy Groove/Intel, John Chambers/ Cisco
and this good man, professor and scientist Dr Ata ur Rehman, Pakistan.

Good Night & God Bless!

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