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Purists will never tire of arguing that culture has nothing to do with Technology. They are wrong and will become increasingly wrong during the future ahead. Thanks to Technology, that in the next decade, more people than ever before will have increased leisure time. For the vast majority this will not lead to greater creativity, but it will mean that they will need entertaining. There will be more novels, paintings, songs and fashions than ever in the past. For those few creative of spirit and adventurous of hear there will also be new, as-yet-unimagined art forms they will use to meet the demand.

You. the world students : Were you ever to  refract and maybe some day reflect, -which you will anyway as you go up the learning curve-  you will figure that the primary effect of cybernetic networking has been to shift the decisive context of commercial activity. The focal points of the business organisation now resides more in software topology than in national geography. Seismic shift, they all tell me!

More and more, human livelihoods are derived not from nature but from the  computers-internet-wireless bandwidths. In all these technologies, what only matters is the commercial implications of the bandwidth. But many a great questions stream unanswered. Like: What are the implications of a networked digital economy that is increasingly disconnected from the analog social and political institutions of physical space?

The Internet is ever so often misconstrued as the 'penultimate' expression of ''creative anarchy''. Even Rheingold. a talented writer who has explored many of its fascinating byways, in a bool called Virtual Communities, describes it as an 'anarchic, unkillable, censorship-resistant, aggressively noncommercial, voraciously growing conversation among millions of people, nay, billions of people in almost all countries, Internet Aficionados, point with hope to the Net's great potential as a creative force.

But non-commercial? Anarchic? No bloody way!!! For one thing, the launch of the Internet, and its remarkable rise into the high=flying reaches of business development, was initially triggered by ''public funding'', Now it is managed by a  group of Telecom companies. Its continuous operations depends not only upon their physical infrastructure but upon a series of distinct software protocols as well. Without these there would be NO freewheeling exchange.

As with the Internet, so with the economy. and so with society at large. Each rests on rules that are to say the least nascent. Sugata Mitra  -2013 Ted Prize winner honors as such : ''We need a curriculum of big questions, examinations where, childrens can talk, share and use the Internet, and new peer assessment systems. In the Networked age, we need schools, not structured like factories, but like clouds.
Join us up there!!
I thank him most respectfully on behalf of !WOW! for his sterling hopes for Education in India and the world at large.

While John M Egar/ San Diego State University in his brilliant analysis, begins as such : ''The challenge today is not acquiring information or memorizing it. Rather, it is determining which information is relevant. What do our younger people need to know and why, in this new, global, technology driven world??
The options and the scenes are before you all!
I thank him too on behalf of !WOW!

In the age such as this with every conceivable thing happening in full bloom, and  the Military Might as the order of the day,  !WOW! will have to prove that the ''powerless had power'', and that nothing could forever prevail against the force of spirit.

With respectful dedication to every form of true and real, Cyber Education!!
Have a great weekend! Think !WOW! And join up for every care!!

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