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              ''The Voice of the Voiceless''

Some years ago, an American magazine printed a cartoon which  -perhaps quite unintentionally- summed up the true future significance of !WOW! OH oh, ah Ha, OK! : The World Student Society Of Computers-Internet-Wireless.
I delight in the cartoon for you:

A strange-looking fish is crawling up the beach of some primeval sea, using its fins as clumsy legs. It's looking back at a companion, watching anxiously from beyond the surf line.
The caption reads : ''Because this is where the action is, baby!!''
Hahaha! That Ladies and Gentlemen is damn true!! Believe ya, me!! Or live to tell the tale!! Hahaha!

The parallel with our own crude attempts to improve Education, Students Ecosystem. and the world, is obvious and very very accurate. Let's go back half a billion years and look through the eyes of that adventurous Great fish.
To survive on the ferociously hostile land it had to evolve suitable life support systems, to protect itself from dehydration and extremes of temperatures never encountered in the sea.

Above all, it has to spend its entire existence fighting gravity, a new and mysterious force, so deadly that it could kill in seconds. No fish ever lost its life by falling a few meters. Yet, the battle was won, though at a cost: slipped discs, broken bones, circulatory problems -perhaps a shortening of the life span. Was it worth it?? The whales and the dolphins though not, and returned to the sea.

Over many decades, I have gone Quantum observing you all on daily basis. Sir, the Dog ate up my Wi-Fi!!  And I have very often reflected if your range of behaviors is an unconscious desire to regain the freedom from gravity in which we all spend the first nine months of our existence. Perhaps we land mammals are displaced persons, in transit camp between the oceans of one small planet and infinitely greater sea of stars!!

Yet that half billion year interlude, for all its unpleasantness and inconvenience, was essential. There seems no way  -just no way in which an advanced technology could ever develop in the sea. It had been said that fish could never discover water: it is even more certain they could never discover Fire.

Sam Daily Times is your dream, your hopes, and your future transformation to : !WOW! 
You all must step forward to contribute on D.I.C.E. , which stands for Design, Innovate, Content, Entertain.
Remember : We actually benefit when the students join up, contribute, delight, learn, impart and when they wish, ''just move on''  and let others do their honor bit. If you stay on this model you will in no time build the ''World's best ever Newspaper.''
In recent years, the students especially from the developing world have sunk further into the ''swamp of dysfunction''. All this at the time when toughest challenges await you: from economic growth, to education, to health, safety, environment and onwards to justice.

I FOR ONE CANNOT HONESTLY DECIDE if I am comforted or troubled by the fact that we have turned one year plus old. Its an iffy marker at the vanguard of success that hardly seems suited for the state of affairs.
So, heed what
H.G.Wells so beautifully illuminated :
''Your Universe or Nothing''

The challenge of the Students ''Ecosystem'' is stupendous but if you fail to meet it, the story of '''your generation''' will be drawing to its close.
Shame then on all of us, if you turn your back upon the still untrodden heights of great education, and a  better world,  for then,  for then,  you will be descending again the long slope that stretches back to the shores of that primeval sea.

All Students the world over are hereby invited to email us content for publication. When your bona fide and passions get acknowledged, you will receive your ''PASSWORDS'' for the TEST BLOG  -so that you can post your content directly for review. Sam Daily Times and !WOW! and all subsequent inventions are the ownership of the World Students.

And I recall, that I once heard a wise Professor say to a student :'' To be honest, having seen you work and spoken to you, I can't think of any organisation that you would be an advantage to. You're just not bothered, and it's just no good having someone in a job who's not bothered.''

You all,  Ladies and Gentlemen, are tempered with insecurities and fears. That's the stark truth and grim Reality. Sadly!!

With most respectful dedication and in the loving memories of Two very high class humans and fearless Leaders of the free world:

Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

And with hello to Bilawal Bhutto. See you soon!!

Please honor, display and share forward with the whole world for two consecutive days.I will have an ear to your heart.

Good Night & God Bless!

SAM Daily Times - the Voice of the Voiceless


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