Easiest Way To Open A Stubborn Jar

Have you ever found yourself in the process of trying to make a delicious dinner but then are suddenly fighting with a jar just to get it open? And even when you use a dish towel or bang it against the countertop, nothing happens. Sometimes it really seems like these containers are superglued shut. Luckily, TLC's How Stuff Works found what might be the easiest way to open stubborn jars.

Simply take an old, beaten up tennis ball and cut it in half. Then slip it over the sealed lid, grip and turn. This should cause the cover to pop open. According to Apartment Therapy, this works so well because the rubber inside the ball grips tightly. Don't believe it's possible? Howcast has an awesome video demonstrating just how to do it.

This is a super easy trick that will make life much easier. Not to mention how happy we are that we no longer have to wrestle with a jar when trying to do something as simple as making a PB & J.


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