Flashback Friday: Stars Tweet Their Younger Selves For Our Amusement!

It’s sooooo nearly the weekend now, that you might not even be in need of anything to put a smile on your face, but here at Grazia Daily, you know we always spoil you rotten. Like today, for example when we’ve rounded up the very cutest images from the celebrity trend of tweeting/instagramming pictures from their childhoods, teenage times and distant pasts along with the hashtag; #throwbackthursday.

Not wanting to miss the chance to jump on the bandwagon, we bring you supermodel of the moment Cara Delevingne as a toddler, Elle Fanning as a junior supermodel and even singer and actress Hilary Duff as a food-covered baby.

We hope you will enjoy matching the famous names to their flashback photos. Be our guest.


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