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American writer Norman Mailer -the pugnacious two-time Pulitzer Prize winning genius, was as much his own creation as his books, a man who enjoyed standing on the shoulders of giants, and then jumping up and down furiously, until the giant was well and properly slain!!

His life was an odd type of self-aggrandisement for a serious writer. But never let it be said that he didn't live his life to the full,didn't fill every corner with overloaded experience. He had six wives, and eight children. Among his famous forays into the headlines were the stabbing of his second wife, Adele, 1960, his unsuccessful run for mayor of New York in 1969. And on and on I can go.

This should have been enough for any man, if Norman Mailer had been any man, that is.
But Mailer would never be any man. He would never be any writer, either, and it's Mailer the man as well as Mailer the writer that the whole world celeberates.

The Norman Mailer Writers Colony is a non-profit organisation set up for educational purposes, which was established after his death by his widow, Norris, and lifelong friend,colleague and collaborator, the rather brilliant, Lawrence Schiller.
Norman Mailer understood the importance of serious academic nurturing, and his vision was meant to echo only great thoughts of creativity and accomplishment. ''Lets never assume,'' he once said,''there is not more and more, and more and more, and then more to write about.''

Unsurprisingly, the world did grasp, and so did many great writers, that if every writer has a private mental thesaurus, a slim volume of key word clusters, then Mailer's wouldread as follows: ''ego-blood-obscenity-psyche-soul-hip-tears-risk-dare-danger-death; Especially death.''

It is for these obvious reasons, of talent and brilliance and hard work and dare, that really coiled up all his Haters -the utter criminals and rats, the psychotic sick humorless herd followers- because they and the entire world had to preface every objection to his brilliance, fearlessness, and his accomplishments in the service of humanity.

!WOW! honors him and dedicates this humble post in his memory!

Good Night & God Bless!

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