Headline Jan05,2012/ Nom De Hack!!


*Ice* What's a nice girl like you doing with a bunch of idiot wanna-bes?''

*Hwy Ice* Looking for someone who knows how to build a cellular scanner. Have a clue?

HA Ha ha!
When Judith Martin published ''Miss Manners Guide to On=Line Etiquette.''it will no doubt advise ladies and gentlemen to ignore these vile little missives or to send back a ''curt but polite reply.'' And to be honest, there is some pressure among women on the Net to be, well, civilized.
Jumping into a Flame War is like admitting that you enjoy alam dancing or use your kitchen spice rack to showcase an eclectic assortment of ''firearms.'' Hahaha!
Not exactly de rigueur

It's weird, though, being rushed by a bunch of Hackers. I mean, they are not exactly the types I would picture having chug-a-thons back at school. Though even if these guys were a bunch of jocks, Net pile-ons, however spiteful, are only sticks and stones. Hahaha!
Your ego may get a little scorched, but there's no real poisoning and internal bleeding involved here.
And- this is key- Men have no real physical advantage in Cyberspace. You could be just five feet two inches but no one is taller than you on the Net. No one can muscle you aside! Hahaha!
To paraphrase Franklin D Roosevelt morphed into Naomi Wolf, there is nothing to fear but the victim mentality.

Sill, says one expert, ''You are going to find women who get picked on and then disappear, because they think, Oh, this is Cyberspace and people are mean. And then they leave. And then there's the total opposite, which is a women who comes in with all Guns blazing!'' Hahaha!
These women warriors have survived the Net's most brutal screening process: Flame War.

For some reason, that needs a scientific study- lie arrested development? boredom?? Netters are quick to batter one another with flames, the Net's own version of ego-piercing Luger! Hahha!
When the target responds in kind, the resulting melee escalates into full-fledged slugfest, or a Flame War.
Think of spitball throwing elevated to an art form. This is when many women opt out of the Net experience, leaving a few pilgrim souls to blaze the trail by sparring with Beavis and Butt-head. And the femimist progress marches on, Heh heh heh!

But regardless of gender, every non-lurker is flamed at some point. It's like gravity -inevitable, and the most trivial non-issues can trigger it. Not so long, I was flamed for a lapse in grammar. I don't know which was more offensive: some anonymous prig's officious lecture on proper use of the past participle or the fact that he addressed me as ''wonkywonk!''

''Okay, dude, you wanna shake it up?/ FINE!''

So very soon, as you are surfing along the Net, minding your very own business, some pimply faced pseudo-hacker will set a interception steer on you!''

Welcome to Cyberspace! What you need is a scraggly guardian angel of sorts!! Hahaha!

Many many thanks to !WOW!

Good Night & God Bless!

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