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Kid yourself not! There will never be an authentic 'digital revolution' so long as a small fraction can access the technology while the overwhelming majority of people remain uneducated, -and big big majority of those, who had the good fortune to get educated, somehow, remain altogether unaware of its significance!!??
And I am skipping cringing going to the bottom here about, food, and infant mortality, etc.

In 1992, when Los Angeles erupted into fiery riots, many thoughtful observers were dismayed to note that, although one large audio visual emporium had been utterly scoured of color TV's, the sleek Apple Laptops in the adjacent shop had been left untouched. In fact for all the talks of New Frontiers, participation in the goldfields of Wired West has thus far been limited to, well, very few!!

The vast proportion of the world remains entirely ''unwired'' and  -judging by the present state of the world, and the horrid miserable conditions in the developing world, all this perspective in conjunction with trickle investment trends, and the foreseeable changes in the future is just fantasy!!

Just, not too long ago, , The International Telecommunications Union of Geneva reported that only one in five of the world's population has access to basic telephone service. There is an even greater disproportion between the 1 per cent of the world who actually enjoy a connection to the Internet, and are happily streaking along the electronic road ahead, and all the rest who lack the means and basic know-how to even understand as to what the hell is going on!
This should put the Information Revolution in its proper and honest sobering light!

At !WOW! be assured that your mind will be regarded as a 'complex computational processor' for Computers-Internet-Wireless. You will be persuaded to log into the network of life, or else you will be a zombie who is as good as dead!!?? Hahaha!!

Once,  you the Heroes! adopt the informational world-view and successfully boot this new electronic geosphere into life, by the entire planet purchasing sufficient number of PCs, mobile smart phones, and when electronic circuitry and code thoroughly saturate the
environment in which we exist, then it will not be long before a failure to operate on its terms will be tantamount to economic suicide!!
Hey! hey, Manufacturers, assemblers. let's struggle for better prices, discounts, packages, internships, and scholarships for All Students!!

In the meantime let me ''combatize''  -my english,  by saying: Hey, hey you darned bottom fisher where the hell is my power, my gas, my drinking water, and the students life, future and living! And to students, or those of you with pretensions to knowledge: what the hell is, 'satisfiability modulo theories solvers??'

My,my, now,  Corporate Chieftains, please stop using nonstandard programming languages.I understand the inspiration is from Mathematics!
And to weaken ''open source'' wonder and beauty!!
And the sad fact is that many computer-internet-wireless users don't feel particularly threatened by malware!!??
The proactive approach of using gateway protection measures to scan and filter traffic at the server level is not only sensible, it is most likely essential.
You are soon going to see more Macro-level proactive security soon! Or or you will be re-reading Scott McNealy's Truth: ''Computer Security is Dead. Get over it!!

Solution? To all of the above? Well, why the hell not!! So, let me give you a solution that no one, by any fairness, dare, dare refute! : !WOW!
Should the world and you wish to get somewhere, we all must attract and infuse ''Fresh Blood'' in this old fashioned engineering and technology world
!WOW! is the only way for the world to go up and beyond!

With respectful dedication to all Professors of the world teaching Theory!!
Please honor and display this post for two consecutive days and then have it resurface on !WOW! for oxygen!

Good Night & God Bless

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