Headline Jan 26, 2013

Going Cold On : '''GLOBAL WARMING'''

Some years ago, when the world leaders gathered in Copenhagen to discuss climate change, an issue with no panacea and no single perpetrator.
Such discussions are, of course, necessary. But the pressing need to take action  -the polar opposite of ''Talk'' has never been more imminent. Regardless of whether you define the event as a success something serious and much more needs to be done.

Sure, some still question the science  -and leaked emails from some of the world's foremost climatologists did legitimately raise the eyebrows of global-warming sceptics!!
We can, and will, argue about the science for generations to come. Yet regardless of whether the earth's temperature is rising because of man-made interventions, we`can all agree that the energy framework we've built for ourselves is bad for our future and bad for the health of our planet.

We can agree that global innovation is better than stagnation; that clean energy security is better than oil-dependent insecurity; the domestic job creation is better than outsourcing; that corporate social responsibility is better than business irresponsibility. The question isn't why action is needed.
It should be........why the hell not!?

When the stakes are as high as they are right now, it doesn't matter why good happens. Whether one person makes a small impact in the neighbourhood, or a large corporation makes a positive difference on a global scale, good is good. And if someone makes a profit doing good that's even better. When good is rewarded by profit, be sure that more people will pursue it. Let's start making the thirst for profit work for our planet, instead of against it.

Just this once, good Sires, let's stop focusing on our differences and work together to make a change that will be appreciated for generations.   Lets commit to reducing pollution every every where, and let's start this very minute!!
We seem to distrust everyone and anyone who brings it up. That's a damn Shame!!
More positivity will do wonders! We must engage the great students of the world!!
We need safe communities, clean air and water! God help us all!!

Respectful and Loving dedication to the survival of Mankind!!

Good Night & God Bless

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