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The Chinese language translates awkwardly into model names to charm the World market's ears: wrap your Occidental tongue around --- --''the Little Nobel, the Urban Nanny, the Book of Songs, the Beauty Leopard''--. and I can go on and on.

Now isn't that something!! Chinese cars?? Hahaha! Well, China and Technology haven't really been synonymous since Confucius's time. They called it the Long March and Not the Long Drive for a reason! Hahaha!
But consider: from the early post Mao era, when it was still barely able to eke out a few bad copies of Soviet copies of 1937 Packards for the- Party Elite -and a trickle of rackety little motorized pedicabs for everybody else -China has blended the Communist lash and the capitalist carrot to become the ''third largest automobile maker in the world.'' !WOW!   !WOW!

A gaggle of state-owned, private, and foreign car makers combined to turn out over 8 million vehicles very recently. About a third of them were made-in-China Audis, VWs, Hondas.Buicks, Jeeps ad infinitum. The Chinese seem to know a ravenous foreign market when they see one, and they have piled on!
Prodded by world class competition on its home turf, China learnt fast and real deep.

The industry is fast and advanced enough to be working on alternative energy technologies. The world will soon witness and experience Chinese automotive Design and Sophistication in the form of concept cars.guided by the not-so=hidden-hands of moonlighting Italian stylists.

The Lada, the Skoda, the Yugo, cars built and sold by communist regimes failed miserably and even repelled the world buyers. Technologically they were ramshackle and moldy.
But failure isn't in Beijing's vocabulary. The world should just about start holding its breath as the offensive begins. Hahaha!

Blowing Kisses to the Students of China. Lets see, See ya all on !WOW! in your cars.

Good Night & God Bless!

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